Murray: baby helps me unwind during tournaments


ANDY Murray has revealed that his baby daughter “makes it easier to unwind” during intense tournaments.

The star also graphically answered a question no-one has asked, disclosing that Sophia Olivia hasn’t “s*** on him in the bath”.

Murray and his wife Kim welcomed Sophia Olivia into the world in February this year.

Murray said his daughter helps relieve the stress of big games
Murray said his daughter helps relieve the stress of big games

She is now a regular feature of his touring life, and has travelled to places including Paris and Rome to support her dad.

Now Murray has declared his little girl helps relieve the stress of big grand-slam events – and counts himself “very lucky” for her good behaviour.

Speaking to a magazine this weekend, he said: “Sophie sleeps very easily and for a long time, she drinks from the bottle now, and I haven’t been shat on in the bath or anything.

“We’ve been incredibly lucky – so far, anyway. Kim brings her to quite a few tournaments now.

“When I’m playing every day, like I was in Rome, I was only seeing Sophia for 30 minutes in the morning.

“But they were in Paris too, and the nice thing is that I had days off in-between my matches there.

“There is always more stress at the grand-slam events, and she did make it easier to unwind.”


He also revealed that, despite his mother’s longstanding tennis knowledge, he hardly ever speaks to her about the sport.

“I talk to my mum all the time but more about family stuff,” the 29-year-old said.

“We do talk about tennis sometimes, and I am interested in her opinion because she is very experienced, but I’ve only asked her something specific once or twice in the last eight or nine years.

“When I speak to my mum and dad they’re more likely to say that they’re proud of what I’m doing, that they love me, that I’m doing well.

“Even when it doesn’t work out, like at the French Open, they tell me that what matters is that I gave everything I had.”

With upcoming Wimbledon to look forward to, Murray added: “I still feel that my best years are ahead.

“Once I stop learning, once I stop improving, I guess that I will be moving towards the end.

“If I’m putting the effort in to go to training and I feel like I’m not getting any better – in fact, I’m getting worse – it will be hard to motivate myself.

“But I still enjoy everything about this life. And that’s the biggest positive.”

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