30 Flavours for 30 Years – Mackie’s Celebrates at the Royal Highland Show

Wednesday 15th June 2015, Aberdeen Scotland.  Mackie's of Scotland 30 flavours of ice cream for the Royal Highland show. (Photo: Ross Johnston/Newsline Media)
Wednesday 15th June 2015, Aberdeen Scotland. Mackie’s of Scotland 30 flavours of ice cream for the Royal Highland show.
(Photo: Ross Johnston/Newsline Media)

Artisan ice cream and sorbet will be on the menu at the Royal Highland Show as one of Scotland’s best loved ice cream makers marks its 30th anniversary at the famous event.

Contributing to the 30 new flavours will be classics like Toffee Fudge or Rocky Road– however there will be a number of adventurous combinations, including a refreshing gin and tonic sorbet, as well as more unusual savoury breakfast flavours all set to get tongues wagging.

In order to produce the sheer variety required for the event, the Aberdeenshire family firm has added a state-of-the-art gelato machine to its New Product Development kitchen – and it will be used to ensure revellers at the show are spoiled for choice, with a range of 30 flavours.

Other weird and wonderful flavour creations on offer include ‘banana and smarties’, ‘bubblegum’ and Scottish favourite ‘cranachan’ adding an element of the traditional to the menu.

On top of all this, visitors to Ingliston will get a chance to taste Mackie’s new improved chocolate ice cream using their very own Scottish made chocolate.

To celebrate this, Mackie’s two Chief Chocolate Tasters, appointed to their enviable positions earlier this year, will be working at the weekend – by coming along and trying the chocolate ice cream and hot chocolate sauce from the fondue on the Mackie’s stand.

Kirstin Mackie, Development Director at Mackie’s of Scotland, said: “It’s really got us in the mood to try out some interesting flavour combinations which have turned out really well. It’s very exciting having a new piece of kit to experiment with.

“I think my favourite has got to be the new caramel biscotti but with 30 flavours we know there will be something to suit everyone attending the show.”

The ‘Gelato Freezer’ is able to turn Mackie’s secret traditional mix into smooth and luxurious ice cream in just six minutes before having swirls, sauces and delicious bites added to the tub.

The Carpigiani machine, which produces batches of up to 15 litres at a time, offers the development kitchen at Mackie’s the flexibility to be more creative in outputting artisan ice cream for events and scooping parlours.

Having hit the ground running using the freezer to great effect, Mackie’s enjoyed a recent training visit from Fabio Birondi, an Italian gelato expert, to help them get the most out of this fantastic piece of kit.

Kirstin added: “Working with over 1000 ingredients in seemingly endless flavours with sauces, or pieces of all sizes and different consistencies – this has opened the door to an even more magical world of ice cream. We are excited about our first 30 flavours and to hearing suggestions for more flavours from the show visitors!”

The Royal Highland Show, now in its 176th year, opens this Thursday 23rd June and is packed with activities and entertainment, from sheep shearing competitions to live cookery demonstrations.

Mackie’s started making ice cream in 1986 and still produces all of its flavours using fresh milk and cream from its own dairy herd on the farm. It now boasts state of the art facilities, capable of producing around 6,000 litres per hour and up to 15 million litres per year.

Firmly established as one of the UK’s most popular take-home ice creams, Mackie’s diversified into making crisps in 2009, and chocolate bars in 2014. The firm opened a dedicated £600,000 chocolate factory last month.

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