Dorothy Perkins red-faced after Brexit blunder tweet


FASHION retailer Dorothy Perkins have been ridiculed online after posting a tweet about “that Friday feeling” – seemingly unaware of the pandemonium unfolding after the Brexit results.

Their account tweeted: “Woo! Who has that #FridayFeeling!” to their 114,000 followers at around 10.00am this morning.

Dorothy Perkins swiftly deleted this tweet after publishing
Dorothy Perkins swiftly deleted this tweet after publishing

But they hastily deleted their tweet after other Tweeters pointed out that most of the country are otherwise engaged in the wake of the historic vote.

One Twitter user responded: “NOT NOW DOROTHY PERKINS”.

Another posted: “Friday feeling my ass. #mourningfeeling.”

One more Twitter user added: “Way to misjudge a situation.”

Another asked the clothing giant: “Are you on glue?”

Tweeters were quick to ridicule Dorothy Perkins
Tweeters were quick to ridicule Dorothy Perkins

The hashtag #FridayFeeling is often used on Twitter and Facebook by those celebrating the end of the working week.

Dorothy Perkins tweets using the hashtag #FridayFeeling every Friday.

Many Twitter users were quick to suggest that someone at the company had forgotten to cancel what was an automatic scheduled tweet.

One Twitter user wrote: “Badly timed auto tweet!”


One user went as far as saying the person in charge of the account should quit their job.

They wrote: “As a marketing person, I would advise that you resign”.

Several other users found referendum related humour in the company’s name.

One tweeter said: “Ironically ‘Dorothy Perkins’ is also the most common name of Leave voters”.

Another wrote: “Dorothy must be over 60” making reference to the fact that 61 per cent of people over 65 voted for ‘Leave’ in the referendum.

Dorothy Perkins currently serves seven EU countries – Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Poland, Malta and Cyprus – as well as the United Kingdom and Gibraltar.

Its headquarters are located in London.

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