Mixed response as Mackie’s puts meat ice cream on the market


A SCOTS firm has created ice cream with chunks of black pudding and bacon.

Mackie’s of Scotland reckon the meaty ice cream will delight diehard breakfast enthusiasts.

The ice cream contains real pieces of meat
The ice cream contains real pieces of meat

The first contains chunks of black pudding mixed with apple, and the second combines pieces of bacon with maple syrup and pancake.

The highly experimental flavours have been tested on visitors to the Royal Highland Show and may even be added to the list of flavours available in shops.

Karin Mackie, one of the three family directors, said: “There’s no doubt the breakfast flavours are about as experimental as you can get with ice cream.

“For many people the first reaction will be to turn up their nose at the idea, but we are urging visitors to give them a try before making a judgement.

Mackie's hope the flavours are a hit with customers
Mackie’s hope the flavours are a hit with customers

Emma Sheer, 22, from Glasgow, was impressed with the bacon ice cream concoction.

She said: “Tastes exactly like pancakes, bacon and maple syrup. The ideal breakfast…I’d definitely swap my toast for this in the morning.”

But she turned her nose up at the black pudding version, saying: “Definitely an acquired taste.”

Another tester, who asked not to be named, said: “The black pudding chunks were too much – it should be eaten hot not cold.”

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