JK Rowling tells Corbyn supporters she knows what poverty feels like


JK ROWLING has angrily told Jeremy Corbyn supporters that she will never forget what “grinding poverty” feels like.

The millionnaire became embroiled in a heated argument with fans of the belleaguered Labour leader on social media last night.

The row escalated as Rowling was dubbed “condescending” after asking a follower if he had ever gone hungry to feed his child.

And it culminated in the Edinburgh-based author declaring “I know what grinding poverty feels like and the memory never, ever leaves you.”

The conversation started after a Twitter follower tried to compare Jeremy Corbyn with Rowling’s much-loved character Albus Dumbledore – the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Rowling also started a hashtag of #KeepTheSecrets
Rowling has humble beginnings before Harry Potter hit the jackpot

Rowling sarcastically hit out at Corbyn and his supporters, writing: “I forgot Dumbledore trashed Hogwarts, refused to resign and ran off to the forest to make speeches to angry trolls.”

An irate follower, named ‘Almost Dr Dan’, replied: “Don’t call us angry trolls. Many of us are young people, disenchanted with the current system and given hope by him.”

To which Rowling asked: “Just as a matter of interest, have you ever gone without food to feed your child, Dan?”

He retorted: “Please don’t be so condescending. I asked you not to call us angry trolls.”

The author then replied: “I know what grinding poverty feels like and the memory never, ever leaves you. How’s Labour helping those people right now?”

Several other Twitter followers condemned Rowling’s stance on Corbyn, claiming she was “wearing poor as a badge”.

One named ‘Tom’ said: “My dad went without food to feed me so get off your high horse. There’s a reason so many people want him.”

‘Mrs Blue H’ wrote: “There are people who still know what poverty feels like, many of whom are on the side of Mr Corbyn.”

Another person named ‘Tina Teapot’ added: “That’s unfair. I’ve been a single parent for 13 years, in/out of work, on benefits, felt hopeless and I still back Corbyn.”

Rowling has spoken openly about her past in previous interview, where she detailed the struggles she has gone through to get to where she is today.

She has previously said: “I remember 20 years ago not eating so my daughter would eat. I remember nights when there was literally no money.

“I would have done anything to work and I took as much work as I could.”

She went through a period of being on benefits, and has spoken of the transformation in circumstances surrounding the success of her books.

“It’s hard to talk about without feeling you are looking for pity, and I’m not,” she said. “Everyone knows how fortunate I’ve been; I’m one of the luckiest people in the world.”

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