Woman dubbed “ginger ninja” following hair dye fail


A MORTIFIED Scot is warning people against dyeing their own hair – after she tried to go blonde and ended up bright orange.

For the past few years, Claire Dalgleish from Airdrie has been dyeing her hair a striking ultra violet colour.

Last week, she decided she finally wanted a change and attempted to strip her hair of the purple and go lighter.

But rather than fork out £100 at a hairdressers she thought she would hedge her bets and do it herself, using products worth £12.

And now she has been left with bright orange tresses – earning her the nickname “ginger ninja”.

The Irn-Bru orange disaster looks like it's here to stay
The Irn-Bru orange disaster looks like it’s here to stay

The 24-year-old, a natural brunette who volunteers at the Glasgow Children’s Hospital charity, used a hair stripping product called Colour B4 which claims to “remove hair colour at home”.

She then used a Jerome Russell ‘Bblonde’ kit – which contains a bleach – to lighten her hair and reach the desired colour.

But when she looked in the mirror, she “burst out laughing” to see that the combination of products had resulted in a bright ginger ‘do.

And she’s now on the desperate hunt for a hairdresser to fix her dye disaster, which she says has “damaged her hair for good”.

Claire said: “I’ve been dyeing my hair for years and had the same ultra violet colour for ages and needed a change.

“I wanted to go grey but knew it would take a few tries, so used a strip dye which made my hair a yellow colour and then the ‘Blonde’ which is a bleaching kit.

“I thought it was guaranteed to go lighter but it ended up orange. I laughed my head off when I realised but now I’m panicking because I look ridiculous and have done more damage than good.”

Before the mistake
Before the mistake

She continued: “My ends are fried. I did this as a quick fix instead of paying to get it done which I’ll never do again.

“Now I’ll need to go back dark to cover what I’ve ended up with so it’s been a waste of time.

“I was hoping to dye it blonde and then go straight to grey – boy was I wrong. I clearly overestimated how good cheap home kits are.

“My friends and family think its funny – they’re now calling me a ginger ninja…it’s so bad.

“Some places charge over £100 to colour correct and now I can see why.”

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