Mystery Scots film-maker reviews 219 lifts


A MYSTERIOUS filmmaker has spent weeks travelling around Scotland and the north of England to record reviews – of hundreds of lifts.

The anonymous individual – thought to be based in Edinburgh – has filmed a total of 219 videos of elevators in the past eight months.

The clips – around one or two minutes in length – simply feature the cameraman walking into a lift, selecting a floor, and filming in silence.

In the captions he reviews his experiences of the nuanced differences between elevators.

The reviews are largely of lifts around Edinburgh – although some are filmed in Glasgow, and south of the border in York and Newcastle.

Lifts featured include those in various department stores in Edinburgh city centre – such as Primark, John Lewis and BHS.

The most popular clip – with 333 views – is a review of a n “Otis Gen2” lift in TK Maxxx in Edinburgh’s Fort Kinnaird shopping centre.

In it – as in every other one of his videos – the cameraman enters the lift, selects a floor and films

He captions his video: “Just another basic Otis Gen2. It keeps recalling to the ground floor which is quite strange. This TKMaxx also joins up with HomeSense and that also has an Otis Gen2 but I didn’t film it as it is identical to this one.”


Another popular clip is of a “Kone EcoDisc” lift in Silverburn car park, Glasgow.

The clip – which has accumulated 300 views since it was uploaded in February – is captioned: “This lift is nice and you can hear the EcoDisc motor really clearly. It just has a basic cab but the motor sound is good.”

It has only one comment – left around a month ago by another anonymous Youtuber.

It simply reads: “Nice”.

The filmmaker has yet to be identified – and goes only by the name “Elevators in Scotland”.

In his channel description he explains: “My favourite elevators are: Kone EcoDiscs, some Otis Gen2s, Schindler 3300s, Mitsubishis (I’ve never been in one but they look fantastic) and some Otis 2000s”

But he also has some harsh words for elevators he does not hold in high regard.

He writes: “My least favourite elevators are Oronas – they are the most unreliable elevators I have ever seen. There was one at my old school and it broke down on a weekly basis.”

He also claims to dislike “some generics” – adding: “I particularly hate the cheap and nasty lifts made by Britannic Lifts for SportsDirect.”

The bizarre videos are part of an underground worldwide fan base of lifts which have huge followings online.

The “Elevators in Scotland” Youtube channel joins a number of other countries which have produced reviews to meet the demand of lift fanatics.

They include “Elevators from Finland”, “Turkish Elevators” and “Elevators in Serbia”.

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