Hilarity as Google use Mauritius resort pic to show Bishopbriggs


A SCOTTISH suburb has been transformed into a tropical paradise – according to Google Maps.

Bishopbriggs in East Dunbartonshire is a middle-class commuter town boasting a large shopping centre and three golf courses.

But Google Maps’ online picture of the community actually shows a £1,200-a-head resort in the Indian Ocean paradise of Mauritius.

The paradise picture is the main image displayed on Google Maps
The paradise picture is the main image displayed on Google Maps

The snap, which shows white sand, turquoise waters and luxuriant tropical vegitation, has resulted in the area being re-named “Bahamabriggs” by wags who spotted the mistake online.

The photograph, which claims to have been taken in the city centre near Morrisons, shows lines of sun loungers set out in a row along a pristine beach.

A large swimming pool, which appears to belong to a hotel, glitters a short distance away, and there is even lush rainforest seen in the distance.

Online research reveals that the picture actually shows the Belle Mare Plage Resort in Mauritius, a volcanic island in the Indian Ocean.

Scots would have to fork out over £1,000 to visit the resort in Mauritius
Scots would have to fork out over £1,000 to visit the resort in Mauritius

Mauritius enjoys annual average temperatures of around 26 degrees C and roughly 6.5 to 8 hours of sunshine per day. Bishopbriggs “basks” in an average annual temperature of six degrees C and about 3.4 hours of daily sunshine.

Unfortunately for Bishopbriggs residents, the closest they have to taking a dip in a sparkling blue sea is diving into a chlorine-filled local swimming pool.

Those wanting to relax on a sun lounger to catch some rays will have to make do with a local tanning salon.

And anyone wanting lush green forests will have to venture to the Seven Lochs Wetland Park in Glasgow, which boasts typical Scottish woodlands.

A picture of the mistake has been shared online by amused Scots, who were quick to point out the obvious differences in climate.

Bishopbriggs town centre
Bishopbriggs town centre

One person joked: “Bishopbriggs de la mar, just along the coast from costa del Saltcoats.”

Another said: “That bit of Bishopbriggs is down the back of the retail park, just by Low Moss prison. It’s why you never hear of anyone escaping from there – they’re all too busy sunbathing.”

Yet another lamented: “Pretty sure that’s not what I see when I look out my window.”

Two years ago, Google Maps managed to “lose” the Scottish island of Jura from its online service for several days.



A spokeswoman for Google said: “Looks like we got a little overexcited about this week’s heatwave. We’re fixing the photo now.”

In Scotland tomorrow (Tues) temperatures are predicted to soar to 25 degrees C, while other parts of the UK are set to bake in temperatures hotter than Hawaii.

Weather experts at Meteorgroup predict it could be the hottest day of the year so far.