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The Summer Months are the Least Productive for Businesses



Whilst being forced to stay in the office during the summer season, even the most dedicated, motivated and hard-working of employees probably wishes that they could go home and have a few weeks off to spend in the sun. Whilst it is not practical for the majority of businesses to close their doors over the summer in order to give their employees a break, there are still many ways in which your company can give your employees a chance to get into the spirit of summer without having to let up when it comes to work responsibilities.

A recent survey found that up to 30% of workplaces offer ‘Summer Fridays’ or similar, where employees are given the chance to head out early and enjoy the sunshine. Whilst some employers might find loosening the reins a little daunting to begin with, many have found that doing so is a great way to boost employee engagement and work ethic.

Flexible Working

Many employers have found that flexible working is a great way to keep employees happy and engaged with their work over the summer months. Being stuck in an office for the nicest parts of the day is never a nice experience, and therefore offering flexible working options such as shift patterns or even work from home opportunities is a great way to keep your employees satisfied at work even when the temperature rises. If you’re worried about the prospect of allowing your employees to work from home, why not consider analytics solutions from which empower unified communications and give you the option to keep track of what your workers are doing.

Summer Test Run

The summer months are an ideal time of year to test any new flexible working initiatives that you are planning to put in place. This is because the summer months are the time where you’re most likely to find employees who are grateful for flexible working opportunities, therefore you can use this as a means to test out new initiatives or schedules and decide whether or not it is a good idea to extend them for the whole year. Conducting a trial run during the summer allows to you objectively assess how you feel about your employees working on a more flexible basis and also get feedback from them regarding the new plans to come up with a solution that works well for everybody.

Implementing Guidelines

Giving your employees freedom to work from home can be a daunting or worrying experience for many employers who have not been in this situation before. However, the rise of remote working and the technology available to those who do has made this situation easier than ever before. In preparation, you should set out guidelines to your employees and ensure that they understand that the situation is one which requires trust. It is important for you to be specific about things such as productivity, checking in for work, staying in touch, and submitting work.  

Nobody likes being stuck at work on a beautiful summer day, and thanks to remote and flexible working options, you can make sure that your employees enjoy their summer and stay productive at the same time.


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