Joker motorists tries every trick in book to give back parking ticket to warden


A HILARIOUS video shows a motorist trying every trick in the book to get a parking warden to take his ticket back.

After shopping in Edinburgh city centre, Frazer Black returned to his car to find a parking ticket attached to his windscreen – and the warden responsible nearby.

But while many motorists would get involved in an angry dispute, Mr Black tries to banter his way out of the £60 fine.

The result has gone viral on Facebook with 11,000 likes and more than 832,000.

The clip begins as Mr Black returns to his parked car in St Andrew Square to find the ticket.


The joker chases the warden with the ticket
The joker chases the warden with the ticket


He asks: “Here, what’s all this s***e on my windae?”

Mr Black turns to point at his black 4×4 and says: “You put all this s***e on my windae, didn’t you?”

Showing the unfortunate warden his ticket, Mr Black asks: “You couldn’t even put a pound coin in it for us? You’re off your nut. Here, take that back.”

The warden explains that he’s not allowed to take the ticket back but Mr Black tells him: “Come on you, don’t start your s***e now. Come on you, I’ll give you a pound. Hurry up.”

When that doesn’t work the joker tells the warden that he’s going to “count to ten and shut his eyes” and that by the time he’s opened them again, he better have taken his ticket back.

As his pals laugh off screen, the warden carries on his round.



But in a last-ditch attempt to get rid of his parking fine, Mr Black says he’s going put it the warden’s back pocket.

The warden does a comic quick shuffle to get away as Mr Black briefly pursues him before finally giving up.

Facebook users Angie Greig wrote: “This is so funny. The guy didn’t seem to have a problem getting the ticket, he was just having a bit of fun.”

And George Wright commented: “Too funny ha! The guy was running away from him!”

Not everyone was impressed though, with some users feeling it went too far.

Vicki Greig wrote: “Can’t believe folk find it so funny. It wouldn’t be funny if it was your dad or brother. Such school kid bully mentality. I totally despair.”

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