Video shows sickening moment teenager is headbutted to the ground


A SICKENING video shows the moment a young teenager is headbutted to the ground.

Two boys, thought to be in their early teens, have to be held apart as they shout and swear at each other whilst those watching plead with them to stop.

The 17-second clip – captioned “The Glasgow Kiss” – ends with one boy landing a sickening headbutt on the other which causes him to collapse backwards to the ground.

The footage emerged on a Facebook page dedicated to Glasgow last night but has since been taken down from the social media site.


The sickening footage is thought to have been filmed in Glasgow
The sickening footage is thought to have been filmed in Glasgow


The video begins with the pair being held apart by another young male on a path, believed to be somewhere in Glasgow.

One of the boys, dressed in a designer tracksuit, then angrily shoves the youngster who was holding them apart out of the way and shouts “f*** off”.

The youth who was trying to diffuse the situation then walks away with his arms out out by his sides as an on-looker shouts: “Just leave them, you’re making it worse.”

The two boys then square up to each other as the youngster who is eventually headbutted tries to hold down his attackers’ arms.



The aggressor then starts to walk away from the other boy, who appears to be under the influence of alcohol, before pointing at him and appearing to shout: “You be a s***ebag then. F*** off. Go home”

It’s unclear what causes him to turn back and start towards the other boy again but he quickly turns back and moves towards him again.

Shockingly, he then lunges towards him and grabs him by the lapels of his polo shirt, pulling the other boy slightly towards him, before viciously swinging his head into the other youngster’s face.

Loud screams can be heard as the victim staggers backwards and crashes into a fence pole by the path before crumbling onto the concrete pavement.

The aggressor then storms off as his victim is left dazed and on all fours on the path. A girl in the background can be heard asking: “Did you get that?”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said they were not aware of the incident but said anyone who wanted to report it could do so.

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