Senior carer “made residents wait until her shift was over to use the loo”


A SENIOR care assistant is accused of making elderly residents wait until her shift was over before letting them use the toilet.

It is also claimed the care worker shouted at residents and moved their buzzers out of reach so they couldn’t ask for assistance.

Marie McCulloch is due to appear before a panel of the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) in Dundee next week.

The charge sheet against her contains a long list of allegations relating to the time between February and April 2014, whilst she was employed by Littleinch Ltd, a care home in Bishopton, Renfrewshire.

It is alleged she spoke one resident in a threatening tone and said: “Sit down and stop asking, what are you asking for again?”


The hearing will be heard in Dundee next week
The hearing will be heard in Dundee next week


It also claimed she told users on a number of occasions to “wait until the back shift” when they asked to go to the toilet.

Another claim suggests she pulled one resident’s pyjamas and incontinence pad off whilst shouting at them.

It is also alleged she shouted at colleagues in front of fellow care workers.

The first section of the charge sheet details eight separate instances when it is claimed Ms McCulloch failed to provide an adequate level of care to a resident known as ‘AA’.

It reads: “Between February and April 2014, whilst employed as a senior care assistant by Littleinch Ltd and during the course of your employment, you did regularly refuse to allow service user AA to go the toilet causing AA to urinate and/or defecate into their pad.

“You shouted at AA, in an aggressive and threatening tone, “sit down and stop asking, what are you asking for again”, or words to that effect.

“On a number of occasions said to AA, in an abrupt tone, “to wait until the back shift”, or words to that effect, when AA requested to go to the toilet.

“On a number of occasions ignored AA’s buzzer when AA activated it for assistance and moved AA’s buzzer out of their reach in order to prevent AA from activating the buzzer.

“Grabbed AA from their wheelchair and forcefully move them to another chair.

“Excluded AA from specified activities by not allowing AA to participate and failed to apply topical lotion to AA’s legs following AA asking you to apply the lotion.”

The second section of the first charge claims she repeated some of these actions with a separate service user ‘BB’ by not allowing them to go to the toilet and ignoring their buzzers.

The next part of the charge sheet relates to a date on or around March 29, 2014 and alleges she was aggressive to both service users and her care worker colleagues.

It accuses her of shouting at ‘BB’ in an aggressive tone of voice: “Sit down, you have just been to the toilet, what are you doing, you have been to the toilet about 20 times today”.

It also says she shouted at another user, ‘CC’ in an aggressive and loud voice “put your hand back on the stand rail” and that she pulled CC’s pyjama bottoms and pad off whilst shouting at them.

The last claim suggests she shouted at a colleague whilst very close to their face and said: “You are bang out of order, who do you think you are? Are you trying to insinuate that I haven’t done my job.”

A spokesman for Littleinch Ltd said: “Littleinch uncovered and reported to the relevant authorities behaviour by a member of staff which we viewed as unacceptable.

“A disciplinary process was instigated and the person involved is no longer employed by Littleinch. We pride ourselves on providing high quality care for our residents.

“Our staff operate – and are expected to operate – to the highest standards and this is reflected in the positive reports and assessments we have received from the care inspectorate.”

A panel will discuss the charges and determine whether Ms Stewart’s fitness to practice is impaired.

If they find any of the charges proven, they may decide to remove her from the register and ban her from the profession.

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