CCTV shows out-of-control car miss pedestrian by a few feet


SHOCKING CCTV footage shows an out-of-control car narrowly miss a pedestrian before smashing into railings.

In the bizarre clip a parked silver BMW suddenly reverses at high speed through 270 degrees, missing a startled female pedestrian by a few feet.

The vehicle smashes into a lampost amid a shower of debris and gush of windscreen washer fluid before speeding off again.

Fluid escaping from thee crashed car
Fluid escaping from thee crashed car

Witnesses said the driver then stopped nearby and, after checking that no-one wanted to call the police, left the scene.

The incident happened outside a pub in Auchterarder, Perth and Kinross, on Monday.

The owner of the pub, Sean Adair, said that customers often stand at the point where the car crashed and it was lucky that nobody had been killed.

Sean said: “I was sitting in the pub when I heard a big bang from outside, so I went to the window and saw the car speeding off.

“My first thought was that he had hit someone because it looked like he was driving away, but he stopped after that.

The car before the incident
The car before the incident

“It’s definitely quite dramatic footage because the woman just about got hit.

“Also, quite a lot of our customers stand at the lamp-post or sit on the wee electrical box next to it so it’s lucky no one was there at the time or they could have been killed.

“I did hear someone asking if they wanted them to phone the police and someone said ‘no’ – which I thought was a bit suspicious.”

The car as it hits the lampost
The car as it hits the lampost

Facebook user Neale Morris said: “[Someone] could have been leaning on that lamp post having a smoke and got squashed to death in such an agonising way.”

Jordan O’Connell added: “How the f*** he managed that I don’t f****** know”.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland confirmed police had not been made aware of the incident.

The car appeared to drive off but stopped moments later
The car appeared to drive off but stopped moments later


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