Police force gaining reputation as funniest coppers in the country


A LOCAL Scottish police force are gaining a reputation as the funniest coppers in the country due to their Twitter account’s comic content.

The force, from Levenmouth on the east coast of Fife, regularly get hundreds of retweets on their posts, which poke fun at serious crimes and reject traditional ‘Queen’s English’.

Most recently, the force’s Twitter account said a person who was arrested for drinking-driving whilst having no license or insurance had scored a “hat-trick”.

The full tweet read: “49 yr old fae Methil huckled for drink driving on Saturday! Nay licence or insurance tae! #hattrick #megaridernowpal #nogaid #roadsafety”

They also posted to say that using sectarian language in the lead-up to the Old Firm derby between Celtic and Rangers would result in a weekend behind bars.

They wrote: “Sticks & stones may break yer bones but words will get ye a weekender! Sectarian abuse will lead to coort on monday! #OldFirmDerby #behave.”


The police force have drawn a following of 6,500 on Twitter.

This figure puts other forces in the area to shame, with neighbours South West Fife Police having just 1,698, and Midlothian Police, 2,969.

Their account has drawn praise from numerous social media users, many of whom are not from the area.


After one of their tweets, which asked those going out on a Friday night not to turn their weekend into “Come sesh with me”, several users said they wished their local police were as funny.

One user wrote: “Got to say that is pure class. Wish the police doon here were more relaxed.”


Another wrote: “Pure gold … sad, but so funny. You’re doing a great job! Gems!”

Despite their tongue-in-cheek activity, their Twitter bio remains serious, telling users not to report crimes via Twitter but to ring 101 or 999.

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