Scots footballer spots “platform 9 and 3/4” at Stadium of Light


AN eagle-eyed Scots footballer reckons he’s spotted the sport’s “platform nine and three quarters” after a groundsman appeared to disappear into thin air.

Paddy Boyle, left-back for Scottish Championship side Ayr United, noticed a grasscutter vanish whilst watching a televised match on Monday night.

The 29-year-old from Glasgow, was watching the match between Sunderland and Everton at the Stadium of Light when he saw the man seemingly evaporate.

The curious sight reminded the footballer of the famous platform nine and three quarters scene from the Harry Potter films, where students looking to board the train to Hogwarts disappear through a brick wall.

He uploaded the five second recording of the clip to Twitter last night with the caption: “Platform 9 and 3/4 is at the Stadium of Light.”

The spooky clip has started trending and has amassed over 2000 likes and retweets.

The video is taken after the full-time whistle, when the stands are deserted and the groundskeeping staff take to the field to carry out maintenance and repairs.

It shows pundit, Jamie Carragher, providing analysis before the camera zooms in to the bottom right of the screen, next to the ex-Liverpool player’s shoulder.

A man can be seen mowing the grass at Sunderland’s stadium but he vanishes into thin air as soon as he reaches the white line at the edge of the pitch.

The disappearance is as yet unexplained but confused Twitter users have started to comment tag their friends in the post.

@CrawcrookPete joked: “Thousands must have caught the Hogwarts Express early as all the fans disappeared.”

And @kr_stargazer wrote: “Wee Scotts well freaked out! Lol.”

Platform nine and three quarters is the fictional area located in King’s Cross station in London which features in the Harry Potter films.

Harry and his friends run at the wall between platfroms nine and ten and disappear through the other side to board the ‘Hogwarts Express’.

The groundsman who appeared to vanish in similar fashion was working after Everton’s three nil victory over Sunderland on Monday night.

Romelu Lukaku scored the first hat-trick of the Premier League season to leave Scottish manager, David Moyes, still searching for his first win as Sunderland boss.

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