Sir Patrick Stewart’s Twitter account hacked with x-rated posts


SIR Patrick Stewart has fallen victim to cyber hacking after a number of bizarre posts appeared on his Twitter account.

The 76-year-old actor’s account usually posts updates about his latest projects or photos of him with stars such as Sir Ian McKellan but this afternoon, inappropriate images and links appeared on his feed.

The posts on Star-Trek star’s Twitter page asked if followers want to “see my vagina?” and included sexual images of women.

His name was also changed from ‘Patrick Stewart’ to ‘Rebecca Slater’ and his profile picture was changed to that of a young girl taking a ‘selfie’.


The actor's Twitter account was hacked earlier in  the afternoon
The actor’s Twitter account was hacked earlier in the afternoon


The tweets swiftly disappeared and the strange profile picture was replaced with a stock Twitter profile picture.

The first odd tweet appeared just after lunchtime and read: “Hi! Sexy, do you want to see my vagina? Join and find me.”

The question was accompanied by a photo of girl in her underwear, bent over on all fours by the side of a bed.

Another tweet followed two minutes later saying: “Hi! Dear, want to see my vagina? Join and find me.”

This time the strange post was uploaded with a picture of a naked woman in the shower, holding her breasts.

Both tweets were posted with suspect looking Google links which were clicked on over 450 times despite the tweets only appearing for a short space of time.

Sir Patrick’s profile picture was temporarily showing as a girl playing with her hair in the mirror but has since been changed to an orange, standard Twitter picture.

Twitter users were quick to react to the star’s unfortunate social media hacking.

Matthew Hackling commented: “I think Patrick Stewart’s Twitter just got hacked. My feed just got rather inappropriate.”

Justin Jones wrote: “It’s always sad when good people get their twitter hacked. Poor Patrick Stewart.”

And Peter Thalliam added: “Looks like Patrick Stewart’s Twitter was hacked by a porn bot. Someone tell me when he gets it back.”

Sir Patrick is famous for playing Jean-Luc Picard in the TV show, Star Trek.

He has also starred in the X-Men films, playing Professor Charles Xavier, and was knighted by the Queen in 2010 for his services to drama.

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