American “mail order bride” wants to organise Scottish anti-Trump march through her hometown


AN AMERICAN woman who wants to marry a Scotsman to escape Trump’s presidency is considering planning a Scottish-themed protest through her town.

The woman, known online as “Wendlynne”, became a viral sensation in the UK on Wednesday after posting on social media, to say she was looking for a Scottish husband, so she could emigrate to his homeland.

Wendlynne said she was looking to flee to the Highlands with her two Scottish Terriers as a “mail order bride” following the shock election result.

Now, the 39-year-old Californian has said she has “half a mind” to dress up the dogs up in kilts and lead an anti-Trump march through her hometown, in suburban Los Angeles.

She’s even released a YouTube video thanking Scots for their response to her initial advert for a Scots husband.

In a post on Reddit, she admitted she’s close to organising a protest through her hometown.

She said: “I’ve had Scottish terriers my entire life and a healthy respect for the Scottish disdain for Trump for many years.

Wendlynne with her terrier
Wendlynne with her terrier

“I understand some several hundred years ago my people were some of the “Wild Macraes,” but these days I mostly stir trouble up locally.

“I’ve half a mind to dress Wallace [one of her dogs] in his kilt and tam and go lead a protest through the streets of my small town.

“On Saturdays there’s a bagpiper that practices in the park. Perhaps I can rally him for a march.

“I can’t say that candidly I’ve ever been so grieved by my country. Not that we’ve kept our noses clean, but we like to consider ourselves a healthy blend of crazy and caring.

“It’s disturbing to see the system fail and people so desperate for change they’d latch on to a megalomaniac parody of a leader. I suppose all the rest of us can do is laugh, cry, drink more, and consider our options elsewhere.”

Writing on Reddit on Wednesday, just before Trump was announced as president-elect, she said: “Trump is leading. Since my ulster family fled to the US in 1643 when the Catholics were lighting them on fire, I don’t know that it’s a good plan to expatriate to Ireland.

“So! Hello r[eddit]/scotland. Late 30s, fit-ish, doesn’t cook, spends too much time on reddit, bakes well, sews like a mofo, no kids, two Scottish terriers and one paint horse in tow.

“Seeks countrymen with IQ relatively superior to sea slugs, genetic potential for ginger babies, and men comfortable with skirts and female leaders.

“Packing suitcase now, can be at Los Angeles International airport within about two hours after election results come in.”


Now, she has released a Youtube video thanking Scots for the “hilarious comments and messages” she received after posting the notice.

In the video, which features one of her Scottie dogs in the background, the non-profit business director, says: “Hi Scotland, I just wanted to say thank you.

“I’m sitting here enjoying a lovely day partially because of your hilarious comments and messages and your encouragement.

“Thank you very much from one California girl and two California Scotties. It’s much appreciated. Have a nice afternoon evening, it’s evening for you, afternoon for me, that’s the one.”

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