Video shows Alastair Campbell playing bagpipes at Wembley


FOOTAGE of Alastair Campbell belting out a tune on the bagpipes ahead of Scotland’s match against England last Friday has emerged online.

Tony Blair’s former spin doctor stands in front of the hospitality areas at Wembley and proudly plays the Scottish pipes at England’s national stadium, whilst the crowd starts to fill up.

The 59-year-old also tweeted a picture of himself with the bagpipes inside the stadium, following Scotland’s 3-0 loss at the hands of the ‘auld enemy’.

The 22-second-clip was uploaded on Saturday to the Scottish Football Away Fans Facebook page with the title: “Scotland fan taunting the English supporters in the hospitality area last night.”


Campbell played the bagpipes inside England's national stadium
Campbell played the bagpipes inside England’s national stadium


The video has been liked and shared over 400 times and has attracted over 18,000 views.

Filmed from inside one of the hospitality boxes, the recording shows Campbell giving his bagpipe rendition whilst standing on the fourth tier of Wembley.

Wearing a dress jacket and smart trousers, he plays what sounds like an up-tempo version of The Atholl Highlanders and taps his foot along to the beat.



The camera pans round to show the pitch behind him at the home of English football as he looks directly back at the person recording him whilst the high pitched tone of the Scottish instrument rings around the stadium.

Campbell later tweeted: “Things went a bit downhill after this.”

Despite originally hailing from Yorkshire, Campbell was backing the Scots, who went down with a whimper, losing 3-0 to their rivals from south of the border.

Social media users were quick to react to Campbell’s bagpiping antics.

Christopher Wilson commented: “Didn’t know Alastair Campbell could play the bagpipes.”

David Gibb quipped: “Can’t be a real Scotland fan. He’s not wearing a skirt.”

Whilst Carolyn Hughes sympathised with the downhearted Scottish fan and wrote: “Oh dear, I am sure your pipes were a highlight.”

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