“Forgot he left the tatties on” – aircraft U-turn snap prompts online jokes


A STUNNING image of a jet U-turning above a Scottish island has prompted hilarious online speculation about why the pilot headed back.

The aircraft was flying high above Kirkwall, Orkney, when it changed direction, the contrail from its engines tracing a giant U in the sky.

Social media users were quick with suggestions as to why the change of direction was made with some saying the pilot’s girlfriend might be “home alone” or that they “left the tatties on” before leaving the house.

Moira Parker from Glasgow posted the image on Facebook with the caption: “Aeroplane making a u-turn above Kirkwall. I’ve never seen an aeroplane do this before.

Her photo shows the white trail of the plane cutting through blue sky above the shops and buildings in Kirkwall below.

Her fellow users were quick to respond with various quips as to why the plane had to make such a sharp turn.

Andy Dyce commented: “Boyfriend: I can’t come home, I’m busying flying a jet. Girlfriend: I’m home alone.”

Paul Snape wrote: “Must have left the oven on.”

David Irons joked: “After making an in flight announcement to the passengers and wishing them a nice holiday in Iceland, the cabin crew informed the captain that they were supposed to be heading for Malaga!”

Darren Marshall quipped: “He forgot his pieces his mum made him.”

Dave Marshall wrote: “At Kirkwall do a u-turn. Bl***y SatNavs!”

James McLeish added: “He maybe pulled the handbrake by mistake.”

Scott McGill wrote: “Forgot he left the tatties on.”

And Kate Telfer joked: “I thought you had the passports!”

Graham Hammell offered a more sensible explanation, writing: “Planes do it all the time when the airport is busy. It’s called stacking.”

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