Aldi forced to ‘grow’ more Kevin the Carrot toys


ALDI have been forced to “grow” more Kevin the Carrot dolls to deal with popular demand – but limited the soft toys to one-per-customer to tackle touts.

The £2.99 “rare” doll initially went on sale in the UK a fortnight ago to cash in on the popularity of the supermarkets 2016 Christmas campaign.

In the clip the cheeky veg appears to be poking fun at the highly anticipated John Lewis advert – with social media branding the excitable carrot as the winner of Christmas ads.

Within half an hour of the 25cm Kevin dolls going on sale they completely sold out – with some customers buying in bulk to put on eBay for up to £30 each.

Now to deal with high demand, the budget supermarket has “grown” more Kevin’s to raise money for Barnardo’s – but limited customers to just one each.

Yesterday (THUR) Aldi announced the newest additions on Facebook writing:“We’ve been busy growing more Kevins for you. They’re selling out quickly, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.”

Frantic fans were left delighted after discovering Aldi had changed it’s rules to in order to tackle touts.

Kevin the Carrot

Michelle Betts said: “My boys love theirs. Was one per customer in our local one.”

Alongside a smiley face emoji, Chantelle Clayton wrote: “It’s limited to one per customer now.”

And Sue Timmins said: “I don’t think there’s any doubt that they would sell. People want them, there is a huge demand, it’s Kevinmania!”

However hundreds of fans, who were unlucky for a second time, took to Aldi’s Facebook page to complain about eBay users who were continuing to cash in on Kevin’s fame.

Chantelle Price wrote: “I was devastated we couldn’t get one then my mum Christine ordered one of the highly priced ones of eBay which hasn’t come.

“I thinks it’s awful people buy so many and others have to go without or pay over the odds.”

And Chrissy Stallone-Hemsworth said: “It’s ridiculous I’ve been trying for weeks to get one and they are now on eBay with people selling them for above £30 and they are only £3 to buy and all proceeds go to Barnardo’s.

“I bet the sellers aren’t donating the extra profit to charity.”

One eBay seller who listed “Kevin The Carrot – Official Plush Toy Aldi – Rare” starting bidding at £19.99.

The description reads: “A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item. A soft and cuddly plush toy version of Kevin, the star of Aldis Christmas TV advert.

“If you have seen this years Aldi Christmas advert. Then you will have met Kevin, this adorable little Christmas carrot desperate to meet Santa.

“If you already love him, then why not get your hands on this Kevin The Carrot plush character. What adventure will your little carrot get up to?”

Another listing is selling Kevin for £19.90 and promises to wrap him in bubble wrap for delivery to ensure a “safe journey”.

In Aldi’s 2016 Christmas advert, released on November 11, Kevin is shown sitting in front of a television while a narrator is heard saying: “Carrot was waiting, his head in a tizz, oh golly, oh gosh, how exciting is this?

“The thing he’d been waiting for all through the year was finally happening, yes it was here.”

Kevin then gets over excited about the department store’s Christmas advert and starts hyperventilating as he screams “John Lewis”.

The clip sparked hundreds of messages on Twitter from fans who said they preferred the advert to John Lewis’ one.

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