Miracle dog survives despite devouring a box of Christmas chocolates


A LUCKY pooch has managed to escape tragedy after scoffing a huge box of Christmas chocolates.

Jodie, a 13-year-old spaniel managed to rip off wrapping paper and chew through the box, eating all but one of the 24 chocolates inside before anyone noticed.

Shocked owner, Jane Blaikie, 55, from Broughty Ferry, Dundee, received the chocolates from a Santa at her local Dobbies garden centre as a festive gift whilst she was collecting money for a local charity.

Despite not having many teeth left, the crafty canine made her way into Jane’s spare bedroom and devoured the tasty chocs – leaving only the strawberry one.

Chocolate contains a stimulant called theobromine, a caffeine-like substance,that is poisonous to dogs.

The scoffed choccies

After rushing Jodie to the vets, Jane thought she would lose her beloved companion when she collapsed to the floor with a swollen stomach and high blood pressure.

Jane said: “It was awful, she’s already suffered two strokes and she’s just turned 13 in October.

“She must have a strong heart though, but I’m not sure she’ll be same after this, it’s taken quite a lot out of her.”

After spending 24 hours at the Parkside Vets in Dundee on an IV drip, Jodie was finally allowed home.

Jane said: “I was out at Dobbie’s collecting money for a lifeboat charity and there was an offer to sign up for a loyalty reward club so I decided to join and I got the chocolates for the Santa in the store as a free reward.

“They were sitting in the spare bedroom for around a week before Jodie managed to find them.

“We had friends round and it wasn’t until an hour or two later that I went through to discover the wrapping paper all over the floor.”

Calling a friend who works at the local veterinary practice, Ms Blaikie was told to take her dog to them immediately.

The dog

She continued: “I called my friend who works at the vet and she said, ‘Jane you need to get her to the vet straight away’.

“I was told it was too late for the injection which would make her throw-up, since it happened almost an hour earlier.

“They put her on a drip overnight and I didn’t sleep a wink, expecting the phone call at any moment – I honestly didn’t think I’d see her again.

“I’ve had Jodie since she was a pup and she’s part of the family. I’m so happy to see her being her old self now. It took her a full week to recover.

“I’m keeping the chocolates locked away now!”

According to Ms Blaikie, the only sweet the picky pup left was a strawberry flavoured chocolate.

Parkside Vets later posted on social media with a warning to dog owners not to leave chocolates for their dogs to find.

They said: “Chocolate is toxic to dogs, chocolate ingestion often results in significant illness.

“Theobromine is similar to caffeine and is used medicinally as a diuretic, heart stimulant, blood vessel dilator, and as a bronchodilator.

“Higher levels are found in dark chocolate and cocoa powder. White chocolate contains virtually none.

“The most common clinical signs are vomiting and diarrhoea, increased thirst, panting or restlessness, excessive urination, a racing heart rate, muscle tremors and rarely seizures.

“If you think your dog has eaten chocolate please call us as quickly as possible.”

A spokeswoman for Dobbies garden centre said: “We recommend that when our rewards members come to renew their membership and collect their gift, whether it’s a plant or an edible treat like chocolate, it should be kept out of reach of any pets.

“We’re happy to hear that Jodie is doing well and we’re going to send her a dog-friendly tasty treat that she’ll enjoy much more.”

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