“Santa’s deid!” Hilarious moment little boy tries to dodge bedtime


AN ADORABLE video shows the moment a little boy tries to get out of going to bed by telling his dad Santa’s dead.

The heartwarming clip captured the hilarious conversation between three-year-old Oliver and his father, Ross Fairweather as they discuss Santa’s whereabouts.

The video begins showing the youngster sitting on a sofa next to his dad at their home in Falkirk, shaking his head and saying “I can’t go to bed.”

When his dad asks why, the adorable youngster, looks to the ground and mumbles to himself before responding: “‘Because of Santa”.

As his dad probes him further, asking “Is Santa not coming this year? What’s happened to him?”, the little lad looks to the ground and holds his hands up, shaking his head.

Out of nowhere, in a thick Scottish accent, he then blurts out: “Because he’s deid!”

Taken aback by the news, but trying not to laugh, his shocked dad then responds, “What?He’s deid?! Oh my god, that’s terrible, What happened to him?Has he been in an accident or something?”

Looking directly into the camera with a sad expression the little boy responds:“yeah” before a cheeky smile wipes across his face.

When his dad continues to ask what’s wrong with Santa, he begins to smile away to himself and repeating that Santa’s “deid”.

The clip then ends with dad Ross saying: “Jesus that’s terrible. That means you won’t get any presents then” as his son continues to smile and stick his tongue out.

“Santa’s deid”

Coincidentally, sad music can be heard from the Christmas movie playing in the background throughout the entire clip – matching the mood of the conversation.

The footage, uploaded by Ross onto the Scottish Memes and Banter Facebook page, has been 286,000 times since being uploaded last night (MON).

Thousands of comments have also been left from humoured viewers saying the little boy had “made their day” with many deeming him the “cutest kid” in Scotland.

Kelly Murdoch wrote: “That has put a smile on my face and you laughing in the background just makes it even funnier.

“Hope Santa is nae deed and brings lots of lovely things to your wee one.”

Michelle Browne said: “Awww his little voice, so cute. Kids come out with the funniest things, I could not stop laughing.”

The boy and his dad

Shelley Quinn wrote: “Wee belter it’s the way he says he’s died that’s the cutest thing ever, wee guy is brilliant.”

And Lisa Bittner said: “Love his little evil smile and laugh at the thought of a dead Santa.”

Sales manager, Ross, 33, said: “What had happened was his papa had stood on a spider about a month ago and shouted “the spiders deid”.

“Oliver picked it up from there so when we were sat watching a movie on Sunday evening and Santa fell out of his sleigh, he blurted it out again.

“He had already had a nap that day so was having a later night. I was trying to get him to bed and he just came out with that so I had to get it on video.

“The funniest thing is, it was at the end of the movie and all this sad music is playing in the background so it matches what he’s said perfectly.

“I had just put it on my own Facebook page for a a bit of a joke and it went mad, the reaction just snowballed.

“I had to tell him after that Santa wasn’t dead so if he behaves he will still get some presents.”

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