UK’s cheapest Airbnb is £7 a night – if you don’t mind tidying up


BRITAIN’S cheapest Airbnb could be yours for £7 a night – if you don’t mind helping the host give it a clean.

The flat in Glasgow is listed at the minimum price allowed of £8, plus Airbnb’s £2 service fee.

But the owner is offering a £3 discount for guests prepared to put on rubber gloves and get scrubbing.

The £7-a-night charge gets you two bedrooms, two bathrooms and the internet and heating are thrown in.

Owner “Stephy” admits the home, in the Dennistoun area of the city, is a little “messy” after a friend stayed there last month.

The posting notice for the flat

The flat, 20 minutes’ walk from Queen Street Station, is in the Dennistoun area of the city where the average rent on Airbnb is £54 a night.

The listing for the apartment on Airbnb states: “Nice flat, near University of Strathclyde, ten mins walk to the city centre.

“Two bedrooms with desks and cabinets, two bathrooms with free shampoos, soaps conditions, free wireless internet, heating, kitchen with all white goods and tools, one washing machine, one fridge, dining room.”

The house rules include no smoking and no pets.

The flat’s living room

Stephy, who is a student at Strathclyde University, said: “The price on airbnb cannot be cheaper than £8, I have no option to list it for that price, but if the person could help me to clean the place I’d like to refund £3.

“My friend just moved out from there and left some stuff there, it’s been a little messy at the entry hall to be honest.”

She added that the flat was only available to rent in December.

Reviews of Stephy’s hosting skills in the past have been exemplary.

The bed you could rent for just £7 a night

One Airbnb user, Miguel, wrote that she was “very nice and helpful”

He added: “The place is perfectly ubicated and with a great student atmosphere!”

Another user, Owolabi, wrote: “The place isnt far from where i worked. Cheap, neat and quiet for me to be able to rest well after work. Value for money.”