Dashcam catches wrong way driver on M9


A HORRIFIED motorist has released dashcam footage of the moment he spotted a car driving the wrong way on one of Scotland’s busiest motorways.

The shocking footage shows a red Mercedes heading southbound on the northbound carriage way on M90 at Bridge of Earn.

The driver who filmed the incident immediately pulls over to dial 999 and then follows the Mercedes for half an hour until police arrive.

Despite the potential carnage the driver could have caused, police said the man was let off with a word of “advice”.

The clip, obtained by website Scotland’s Worst Drivers, clearly shows the Mercedes in the wrong lane of the M9.

Realising his mistake, the driver leaves the motorway using the entry sliproad and is seen rejoining the “right” carriageway.

But the dashcam driver was so disturbed by the incident he decided to follow the Mercedes to make sure police got the number plate.

The Mercedes is captured on the wrong side of the motorway

The final scene shows the Mercedes pulled over and a police car in front with its light flashing.

The car rejoins the M9, this time on the right side

A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers said the thoughtless motorist could have cause a fatility.

He said: “To drive past not one, but two No-Entry signs in broad daylight is perplexing, but what’s even more so is that the police are not taking any action what so ever.

“This driver error could have had disastrous, if not fatal consequences.

“To drive the wrong way on a motorway is one of the most dangerous errors any driver can make, as it not only puts their life at risk but every other road user on that stretch of road.

“Thankfully other drivers were aware of what happened and were able to avoid any incident.”

Police eventually pull the driver over

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said the driver had made a “genuine error” and no charges were brought.

A spokeswoman said: “Police Scotland received a report of a Mercedes car travelling the wrong way down an access road onto the M90 motorway around 3.45pm on Saturday 3rd December.

“The driver quickly realised his mistake and turned around. He was later stopped and spoken to. Officers established this was a genuine error and the driver was provided with advice.”

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