Shopper posts pic of cockroach clambering on her Tesco basket


A DISGUSTED shopper has posted a picture of a cockroach she found clambering on her Tesco basket.

April Stipe Wallace spotted the vile green bug at an Express branch of the supermarket giant in Clermiston, Edinburgh.

April, 38, took a photo and later identified the creature was a green banana cockroach, normally found in places such as the Caribbean or Florida.

Ironically, the supermarket’s solemn pledge to maintain the highest standards with its products is visible in the background.


The cockroach was spotted in Edinburgh


She posted a picture of the inch-long insect as it perched on the edge of one of the metal shopping baskets in the store with the caption: “Ewwwww. Spotted this weird bug at the local Tesco Express.

“We looked it up, think it’s a green banana cockroach! Don’t want to bring one of those home!”

In the comments below her post she continued: “At least info says ‘not invasive’. Must have fallen off someone’s produce!

“We didn’t know what it was until we went home and looked it up! We were at self checkout getting some Christmas cards.”

Fellow users were quick to respond to the walkabout critter’s discovery.

Julie Barkan Kula wrote: “Interesting – I hope to never see one in my bananas!”

Alison Harm commented: “Yuck! Did you tell on it?”

Rachael Lynch wrote: “Not going in there tonight then!”

Whilst Margaret Michie added: “Could have taken it home as a new pet!”

A Tesco spokeswoman said: “This must be an isolated incident. They are rarely found indoors from what I have read and this one must have come inside.”

The green banana cockroach is usually found in tropical climates. They are strong fliers and range from pale green to yellowish in colour. They are commonly found outdoors and so not considered a pest but are attracted to lights.

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