“Merry Christmas ignoramus” MSP gets nasty card from Gers fan


AN MSP received an abusive “Christmas” card from a Rangers fan after he questioned safety at Ibrox.

James Dornan, the Nationalist member for Glasgow Cathcart, shared images of the nasty card he received from the anonymous Gers supporter.

The card said “Merry Christmas you ignoramus” and told him to “stop being a stupid fool”.

It comes after Dornan recently retweeted a blog which suggested that there may be safety issues with Rangers’ Ibrox ground before adding: “If this is true then surely the game on Hogmanay must be in jeopardy. Clearly questions to be answered at least.”

There has been recent speculation surrounding the safety of the Ibrox roof, with Celtic fans rumoured to be planning to wear hard hats at the upcoming Old Firm match on Hogmanay.

Dornan tweeted photographs of the card received on Friday with the caption: “And a happy new year…”

The first picture shows the festive front of the card, with an image of the Ibrox facade and the words “Scotland’s most successful football club” across the top and “Merry Christmas” at the bottom.

The next image shows the inside of the card and the message, which is written bold, black, capital lettering, across both sides.

It reads: “Merry Christmas you ignoramus! Stop re-tweeting lies by your well-known sectarian bigot friend, claiming that Ibrox stadium is unsafe!

“Stop being a stupid fool. Don’t believe stuff just because it is on Twitter and start doing your day job!

“Love, world championship record holders. 54 title. Rangers FC.”

It signs off with nearly thirty kisses and has sparked a reaction from the politician’s followers.

One wrote: “That’s a belter to be honest, a bit more thoughtful than your average troll.”

One commented: “Did someone really go to the bother of making that and sending it to you? You must be touched.”

Whilst another added: “Wow, got to admit your trolls put the effort in.”

Social media rumours suggested that Rangers’ famous old ground was in a state of disrepair, so much so that the roof could pose a risk to fans.

However, the club have confirmed that the stadium does have all the required safety certificates and that there are no issues.

Rangers will play fierce rivals Celtic on Hogmanay at Ibrox and will look to make amends following a 5-1 defeat at Celtic Park earlier in the season.