Joker charges £20 for “last year’s snowman” – a jar of water and a carrot


A JOKER tried to sell a jar of water and a carrot online for £20 – claiming it was “last year’s snowman”.

Kevin Wilson, from Thurso in the Highlands, quipped: “Barely even used, still in good condition. Only getting rid because I’ll be making a new one.”

The admin of the Caithness Sell, Swap and Buy Facebook page did not see the funny side, and deleted Kevin’s post.

But a screenshot of the post has racked up more than 1,200 likes after it was shared online.

And Kevin has even created a bidding war for thawed-out snowman, with some users offering him £25 if he delivers.

The post received over 1,200 likes after being shared by the Scottish Memes and Banter Facebook page.

A JOKER tried to sell a jar of water and a carrot online for £20

Writing on the Scottish Memes and Banter Facebook page, Sharrel Wright asked: “Is it too late? Will you take £25 if you deliver? I need this I really do, God I hope it’s not too late, awesome snowman! Yes! I got a scarf ready and everything.”

Craig Mackay was less impressed. He wrote: “Don’t think this is a good deal. It’s not complete. There are no eyes. Robbing c***.”

Andy Barber tried to barter, asking: “Would you take £10?”

Whilst Michelle O’Neill said: “Actually howling at this.”

Speaking about the snowman, Kevin said: “It lasted a day on the buy and sell page but one of the admins must’ve taken it down.

Kevin has not sold the item yet, but added: “Can’t see why I thought it was a bargain!”

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