Lorraine slaps down BBC producer over wrong time blunder


LORRAINE KELLY has slapped down a BBC producer who tried to claim that the clock on her show was incorrect.

The ITV star responded when BBC Midlands producer, Victoria Norris, tweeted to tell her the on-screen clock for her show was an “hour out”.

Lorraine tartly replied that she was watching the “plus one” channel.

Norris, who has over 22 years of experience as a BBC journalist, apparently did not realise she was watching ‘Lorraine’ on the plus-one service, which starts TV shows one hour after they originally went out.

Norris tweeted Lorraine’s Twitter account yesterday (WED) to say “Has no one working on your programme today realised the clock on screen is one hour out?”

Lorraine responded by quoting the tweet and gave it short shrift, writing: “You are watching ITV plus one Victoria.”

The blunt response went viral, gaining over 1,500 retweets and 2,700 likes, with Lorraine later re-tweeting to show that she was trending as a result.

Norris later had her error pointed out by another Twitter user and wrote: “ha! I’m obviously usually working and don’t watch @ITVLorraine but it was on at the doctors! Had no idea it was on ITV plus one.”

Despite the understandable mistake, Lorraine’s followers were quick to respond.

One user wrote: “Howling at you retweeting and highlighting this.”

Another commented: “Ha! She’s a tv producer too, classic.”

One replied: “Awesome comeback.”

Whilst one added: “Guys at ITV tell me they get several calls a day like this to the front desk.”

Lorraine, originally from Dundee, has presented her morning show on ITV since 1993.

It was originally called ‘GMTV with Lorraine’, before changing to just ‘Lorraine’ in 2010.

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