Gers fan hijacks Tesco tannoy to sing Joe Garner song


A VIDEO shows the brilliant moment a cheeky Rangers fan hijacks a supermarket tannoy to belt out their tribute song to striker Joe Garner.

Gers fans have created a version of the Dave Clark Five hit Glad All Over with the line: “We’ve got Joey Garner.”

Supporters are now buying copies of the original 1960s tune in a bid to beat Little Mix to the top spot this Christmas.

And Bluenose Jamie Barbour decided to do his bit for the campaign while shopping at Tesco in Dalmarnock, Glasgow.

His brief performance on Wednesday – which earned him a ticking off from the store’s boss – has been viewed more than 83,000 since it was uploaded to Facebook and received over 1,000 likes.


Jamie grabbed the microphone at his local Tesco


The ten-second clip starts as Jamie grabs the tannoy from an empty sales desk in the Tesco store.

With the Christmas cards and toys behind him, he sings down the microphone: “‘Cause we’ve got, Joey Garner, we’ve got.”

His voice echoes around the massive superstore before Jamie, realising he’s been rumbled, starts laughing and places the speaker back in its holder.

A sales assistant, dressed in a festive jumper, says a painfully polite “thankyou” as Jamie walks away.

Speaking about his supermarket singsong, Jamie said: “I did it in because his name deserved to be sung through the tannoy because he’s Joey Garner!



“It’s a wee bit of promotion to get him to number one. I didn’t think it would get this reaction.”

He added: “The manager came down and asked if I thought it was acceptable. I said, ‘Aye it’s a microphone’. They never asked me to leave though.”

Facebook users were quick to react to Jamie’s hilarious stunt.

One wrote: “I don’t want any of this to ever end! What a laugh!”

One commented: “Made my day.”

Whilst another added: “Loving it!”

Joe Garner signed for Rangers in the summer from Preston North End for £1.8m and has won over the Ibrox faithful with his committed displays.

The battle to get his song to number one at Christmas has even caught the imagination of Rangers boss Mark Warburton who said yesterday, “I have a son and a daughter. My son is backing the Dave Clark Five, but my daughter is a Little Mix fan.

“So I’m right on the fence, though I’m leaning towards the Dave Clark Five. My kids may well have downloaded it but I certainly haven’t.”