Hilarity over eye-popping cargo trouser pictures


A US retailer has sparked worldwide hilarity by advertising cargo trousers with eye-popping close-ups of a model’s crotch.

The souped-up cargo sweatpants are advertised for $59.50 (£48)on the website of Belleville, Wisconsin-based Duluth Trading.

But some of the pictures of the pants – which boast of “easier access to tools” – have shocked shoppers.


The trousers have caused a stir online


One shows a very discernible bulge while another shows the model in a bizarre “legs akimbo” stance.

The images have received over 10,000 likes and retweets after being shared on Twitter on Wednesday.

Many social media users have joked about the image and have said the “crotch gusset” looks like a “diaper”.

But the seller has hit back and said the image is to show the incredible “freedom of movement” the trousers provide.

The advert for the pants online states: “How do you soup up a pair of men’s sweatpants? We scrapped the stock features of chain store sweats and mounted details worthy of the best dream machines.

“Including new tuckable side pockets for easier access to tools and new zip back pockets for extra secure storage.


One user felt they made the man look like he was “wearing a diaper”


“To top it off, Souped-Up Cargo Sweatpants are made of hefty 80% cotton/20% polyester fabric for more comfort, more durability. Go ahead, take ’em for a spin!”

Writing on Twitter, several users joked about the image.

Alec McK wrote: “Oh my god that last picture is desperate.”

@HydroHammers said: “Looks like he’s wearing a diaper.”

Jill Cohen quipped: “Can’t beat a bit of crutch action at Christmas.”

Some users said they would purchase the trousers

@Toolgawd said: “I’m probably going to buy a pair of these. For science of course. Strictly science.”

Whilst @Predederva said: “Third image made me buy it”.

Duluth then joined the debate themselves, writing: “Yes, folks, all that freedom of movement can be shocking. If your pants had a Crouch Gusset, you’d be standing like that too.”

According to the retailer’s website, potential occasions to wear the trousers include: “special occasions” and “date night/ night out.”

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