Hilarious picture shows greedy pooch after stuffing herself with turkey


A GREEDY dog is on a New Year diet after wolfing down turkey meant for three people.

A hilarious picture shows the bloated pooch lying on her side and barely able to move after sneaking into the kitchen on Christmas Eve and stealing the main attraction.

Bubba, a five-year-old Chi Apso, left only a tiny fragment of the turkey breast, which had been wrapped in foil under a dish cloth.

Bloated Bubba collapsed on the carpet after eating an entire turkey breast.

Her owners, from Prestwick, South Ayrshire, managed to save the day – and possibly Bubba’s life – by getting relatives to bring round spare turkey.

The dog’s owner, David Barrett, posted the image of a very stuffed Bubba on social media with the caption: “No chance has my dog just scranned the whole turkey for tomorrow.

“There’s the culprit she can’t move. She’s not moved since she scranned it.”

Speaking today, he said the dog had suffered no long-term effects but was on a strict diet.

How Bubba normally looks.

He explained: “It was a turkey breast and mum cooked everything and sat it on the bottom tier of a two tier table and put Tin foil and a dish cloth over it.

“She just couldn’t move. It was pretty big, a whole turkey breast.

“My aunt had two turkeys so we got one of hers.”

All that remained.

The post has since went viral attracting almost 10,000 retweets and 24,000 likes on Twitter.

Aimei Melvin said: “She’s the same shape as the turkey, oh my god.”

Lewis Davidson wrote: “hahahahahaha amazing man poor bubba she wanted scran.”

Jamie Connolly said: “Oh my god I am screaming. I actually have tears you must be so mad.”

And another Twitter user added: “Looks like she’s about to burst.”

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