Adorable footage captures two-year-old ‘playing’ the bagpipes


ADORABLE footage of a two-year-old boy playing his toy bagpipes along to a real pipe band has gone viral.

The clip of Callum Vinson, who is wearing a kilt and tapping his feet in time to the music, has captured almost three millions hearts around the world.

The tot, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, turned out to be the unexpected star of the show at a recent bagpiping festival in Maryland.

The clip has been viewed 2.7 million times and attracted over 100,000 likes and shares since it was uploaded to a Facebook page dedicated to Scottish clips with the caption: “Start them young…”

It starts with Callum, wearing traditional highland dress with a blue shirt, kilt, white socks and hat, as he holds his very own tiny set of pipes.

A crowd is gathered behind him, filming on their phones as the youngster holds the pipes under his arm and plays along with his fellow pipers.

Onlookers watch as Callum starts to stamp his little foot to the beat. As the music stops, Callum pulls the pipes away from his mouth and takes the applause of the crowd gathered around him.

Speaking about the mini bagpiper’s exploits, his grandmother, Margi Murray, said: “All I can say is that he’s obsessed with the bagpipes. He followed the bands all day long at the event.

“I was born in Scotland. My father, Callum’s great grandfather, were part of the first Scottish pipe band in our area and also judge and teach pipe bands.

“I’ve played pipes and drums as well for many years in our area. To cut a long story short a lot, there’s a lot of Scottish history here.

“His big sister, Riley Vinson, is a four year old champion Highland dancer as well.”

Jenifer Adcock, who took the video, said: “The Metro Richmond Police Emerald Society Pipe Band was playing and I was walking behind them. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Callum.

“I thought he was the cutest thing and began videoing him. He was tapping his foot – in time! – and really got into it at one point. He even stopped as soon as the band did. It was priceless. He was the highlight of my day. ”

She added: “I cannot believe the response my video has gotten so far. I have since been in contact with Callum’s mom, Meg. She and I are both shocked by how quickly it has spread across the internet and world. It’s a bit mindboggling.”

Facebook users have been bowled over.

Ferg-Mol Teaghlach wrote: “This made my evening. He is absolutely gorgeous, you must be so proud.”

Sharon Farquhar commented: “He’ll be a great piper and one day he’ll play a part in the Edinburgh Tattoo, wait and see!”

Dee Hall added: “Aw, a wee little lad tapping his foot keeping time to the beat of the music.”

Whilst Aura Moronta added: “He is amazing. He keeps the rhythm so well with his tiny shoes and even has a sporran.”

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