Footage captures moment apprentice mechanic fires sparks into his own face


HILARIOUS footage has captured the moment an apprentice mechanic showered himself with sparks whilst cutting a metal bolt with a disc grinder.

In the clip, captured at a garage in Glasgow, the apprentice puts the bolt in a vice before cutting it but the sparks shower him and his unprotected face.

At the start of the clip, the cocky apprentice gives his boss the middle finger before starting to cut the bolt.

But after engaging the grinder with the metal, sparks start to fly dangerously into his body.

Incredibly, instead of re-positioning the bolt, he continues to cut, and closes his eyes to avoid them being damaged.

After around 30 seconds, the apprentice, referred to as Abdul, stops and his boss sarcastically calls him a “top mechanic.”

Abdul then shows his boss the successfully cut bolt and walks away amazingly unperturbed and unharmed.

Martin Kane, the 29-year-old mechanic who videoed the incident, said: “Basically it’s a man from Libya not carrying out health and safety because they have none in Libya.

“He is an apprentice, and he was cutting a bolt.

“I tried to explain to him to turn the part round so sparks go the other way. The boy pi**es into the wind.”

Social media users were shocked at the lack of care taken in the clip.

One Facebook user wrote: “Health and safety my man!”

Another user, thought to be the apprentice, said: “He never told me nothing he’s just loving it as you can see in that video.”

Another expressed concern for a car behind the grinder, which narrowly avoided being hit by the sparks, writing: “What about the c*‘s car behind him? Remind me not to go to your garage mucker.”

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