Incredible footage captures driver travelling the wrong way along a dual carriageway


INCREDIBLE footage has captured the moment a car appears to drive on the wrong side of a dual carriageway.

The 20-second clip, shot by a driver on the A4 dual carriageway between Ballygawley and Dungannon in Northern Ireland, shows the driver narrowly miss a head-on collision.

At the start of the clip, the cameraman, who is also in a car on the road, pans over to the other side of the carriage where a car is going in the same direction as he is.

Despite being on the wrong side of the road, the driver is not travelling at all cautiously and is going at a greater speed than the vehicle from which the footage is filmed.

Credit: Idiot Drivers Northern Ireland

The car, thought to be a Volvo, passes several other vehicles, narrowly missing one in the harrowing clip.

The camera eventually stops filming because the cameraman feared there would be a crash.

The footage, filmed on New Year’s Day, has gone viral after being posted on the Idiot Drivers Northern Ireland Facebook page.

According to the page administrator, the driver who filmed the footage said: “It was Sunday at about 12:30pm on the A4 Dual carriageway between Ballygawley and Dungannon he was about 1 mile from the M1 motorway vehicle. I think was a Volvo S60.”

The page posted the video with the caption: “We thought we had seen it all with the white van man (check our other videos), but check out this idiot driving up the dual carriageway between Ballygawley and Dungannon the wrong way and almost causing a head on collision.

Thankfully the other driver managed to slow down and get pulled in.”

Facebook users were stunned after seeing the footage.

Stevie Ross said: “What in the name of f*! Supposed they think their speed camera vans will save people from that !! Anyone who does that should never hold a license, ever.”

Brian Huey wrote: “The guy driving on the wrong side of the dual carraigeway should be done, made take driving test, theory and practical tests again, that is if he is from this country.”

Iain Johnstone added: “Do they give Licences out in Kinder Eggs these days?”

But other Facebook users criticised the person taking the footage, after saying that it appeared he was driving and using a camera at the same time.

Stephen Kelly said: “Camera man needs license removed, driving and filming equals killing someone.”

Barry McNickle said: “Don’t know that the muppet playing with his phone while driving to get the video isn’t just as bad as the guy going to wrong way”

Katrina Lynch wrote: “More concerned about the guy using his mobile phone to film what’s happening across the road, he should have been focusing on what’s happening on his own side.”

Last summer, a dashcham filmed the moment a pensioner travelled the wrong way down the M60 motorway, near Manchester, before colliding with two vehicles.

None of the four people injured in the collision, including the pensioner, suffered serious injuries.

A spokesman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland said: “Just before 12.45pm on Sunday 1 January, police received a report of a vehicle travelling the wrong direction on the A4.

“Police attended but there was no sign of vehicle.”


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