Shocking footage captures “fast and furious drag race” at lights


SHOCKING footage has captured two vehicles, revving and then racing at a set of lights, in a “fast and furious” style “drag race”.

The clip, captured in Paignton, Devon, shows a van and a pick-up 4×4, side-by-side, desperately edging towards the lights as they stay on red, ready to race forwards when they turn green.

At the start of the film, taken last week on the dashcam of a car behind the pair, the blue van in the left hand line edges towards the lights at a major crossroads.

After a several second pause, he edges forwards again on a few inches, only for the pick-up to rapidly zip forwards to get ahead of him.

The two vehicles’ brake lights flick on and off as they both edge millimetres forwards.

As the lights turn amber, the pick-up accelerates forwards at great speed, to beat the van to the single carriageway on the other side of the crossroads.

The car the dashcam if filming from is left trailing behind in their wake.

The video has been viewed thousands of times after being shared on the Driving Like a K**b Torbay page, last Friday.

Several Facebook users expressed concern at the aggressive driving seen in the footage, but others found the scene hilarious.

Nico Scopa said: “Racing on the road yay. So safe.”



Adie Bee added: “Happens all the time there, only come to a stop in traffic 100 feet further on.”

But John Nicholls enjoyed the clip, writing: “Love a good race” whilst Phil Lloyd said: “Nothing wrong with a good old dabble.”

Ryan Duke said: “Great drag strip” and Ashley Frost quipped: “The truck had him, fast and furious”.

Dean Savin even ridiculed the dashcam driver for his slow driving, writing: “Haha this p***k couldn’t keep up with the other two. I agree, what a k**b.”

Drag racing is a type of motor racing in which automobiles follow a short, straight course from a standing start.

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