Cheeky student goes viral after school uploads pic of him writing with a cheese string


A CHEEKY student has become a viral sensation after posing for a photo for his school website – whilst writing with a cheese string.

Garin, a sixth form student at Archbishop McGrath Catholic High School, in Bridgend, South Wales, posted the screenshot from his school website on Twitter on Thursday, and it has since received over 15,000 likes and 7,000 retweets.

In the image, Garin can be seen grinning away, whilst writing in what appears tobe an exercise book.

But instead of a pen, the implement he is using is a cheese string.

Although the image has since been taken down from their website, the school have taken the incident well and called Garin, who intends to start studying Geography at university in September, a “model pupil.”

Archbishop McGrath Catholic High School

They have now dubbed the incident #cheesegate.

Garin’s full post on Twitter read: “As if the school uploaded a pic of me writing with a cheese string.”

Twitter users reacted with delight at the image.

Izaak Horn wrote: “One of the best things I’ve ever seen, congrats”.

Another user, known as Spencer, said: “Mate what are the chances?”

Cameron Findlay simply added: “F****** brilliant.”

Others wanted to get to the bottom of why the photo was taken.

The school’s response

One user asked: “Why did you write with a cheese sting though?”

Another said: “Why are you so happy to be writing with a cheese string?”

Archbishop McGrath Catholic High School’s Twitter account posted a picture of Garin today (Mon) – without a cheese string – along with the caption “#cheesegate goes viral.”

Today (MON) the school offered Garin’s response: “Garin, a model pupil who has received offers to study Geography at Southampton, Birmingham and Bristol universities said: ‘Well, when the photographer came in, I just picked up the closest thing to me … a cheese string! I didn’t think this would go viral’.

“I knew Archbishop McGrath would have taken it in good spirits, it’s a great place to come for sixth form.”

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