American mocked after making up chant for Hibees.


AN AMERICAN has been mercilessly ridiculed online after creating possibly the worst football chant of all time.

Known as the ‘American soccer fan’, the man made up the chant for Hibs fans to taunt their Hearts rival with.

The stateside Hibee sings that Hearts are “Jambo scum” and “utter s***e.”

But his efforts have received a frosty reception from Scottish football fans – including some Hibs supporters.

The 37-second video appeared on popular Facebook page “Scottish Football Away Fans” on Sunday and has been viewed over 70,000 times.

The identity of the Hibs supporter and his whereabout in the States are unknown, but he declares himself an ‘American soccer fan’.

Sitting in his armchair, he says: “What up British soccer fans? It’s your boy the American soccer fan and I’ve got a chant here for the Scottish soccer team called Hibernian FC and it goes like this.”

He then sings: “I love Hibs and James Reilly, he was the best, like James Lundie.

“I love Hibs, you just can’t see, the Hibs the team for me.”

“I hate Hearts, I want to fight the Jambo scum, they’re utter s***e.

“I hate Hearts, you just can’t see, the Hibs the team for me.”

As the chant ends, he points to the camera and gives a salute and says: “Hibernian FC I hope you guys get promoted. American soccer fan out.”

One viewer wrote: “That made me sick.”

Another wrote: “Cringe.”

And one commented: “What a knob.”

“Utter a**e,” declared yet another while one Hibee asked: “Can you see that being sung down Easter Road?”

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