Schoolgirls trade over 100 punches in a minute in shocking fight video


HORRIFYING footage has captured the moment two schoolgirls trade over 100 blows to the head in under a minute.

The shocking clip shows the girls grab each other’s hair and exchange punches as a large group of their fellow pupils gather round to watch and film on their phones.

One girl pins the other to the ground and repeatedly hits her in the head whilst the other girl retaliates with her own blows as the watching pupils laugh and scream.

The 50-second video was uploaded onto a Facebook page dedicated to Glasgow yesterday (MON) and has been viewed over 32,000 times with nearly 300 comments and shares.

The footage starts as both girls lunge towards each other, grabbing hair as the large crowd shout and scream.

As punches begin to be exchanged, momentum drags the girls into the crowd as one of them loses her footing and falls to the ground.

The other girl then seizes her chance and climbs on top, pinning her opponent to the ground and begins to land over 40 hard punches to the other girl’s head whilst holding her hair to keep her in place.

Whilst on the floor, the other girl retaliates and launches her own flurry of punches towards the head.

The crowd’s shouts get louder as one voice says: “Oh my god,” as the girl on the floor has her had smashed off the ground.

The blur of punches between the pair grows faster before someone in the crowd shouts: “Stop it,” and the footage ends as members of the crowd start to separate the pair.

Facebook users were shocked by the fight.

One wrote: “There was no need to do this in public.”

Another commented: “That’s horrible.”

Whilst one added: “That’s disgusting.”

The clip comes after footage emerged recently of two schoolboys fighting in the Glasgow area.

The two boys grappled in a park before one was dragged to the ground and viciously kicked in the head.

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