Driver uses four bays to park one car


A SHOCKING image has captured a car parked so badly, it takes up four seperate parking bays.

The silver Vauxhall Vectra, snapped at Crescent Link Retail Park, near Londonderry on Sunday, has left social media users bewildered.

The cars splits two parallel parking bays across the middle, but is also stationed so far forwards that it is taking up to extra bays in front.

And fellow drivers are so astonished at the driver’s “stupidity”, they are convinced that the they must have parked that way on purpose, rather than by accident.

After the image was shared on Facebook on Sunday evening with the caption: “Bloody ejit in crescent link taking up 4 spaces”, social media users voiced their disaproval.

A SHOCKING image has captured a car parked so badly, it takes up four separate parking bays

Alan Rea wrote: “Impossible to do that in error. Just being an asshole because he can.”

Ian Fuller said: “Award winning stupidity”.

Thomas Watterson simply added: “Tow it away”.

Conan Cunnigham, the Londonderry local who took the picture explained: “To be honest a parking space wasn’t hard to find given the size of the car park.

“I think this takes the biscuit. It’s definitely some awful and disrespectful parking.”

Driver Luke Varley, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, went viral this week after defending parking his car across two spaces in a supermarket car park.

Mr Varley was criticised online after an image was shared on Facebook, showing his vehicle parked across two bays.

But the sales assistant said he chose to park that way to ensure his new car did not get scratched.

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