Facebook take down “obscene” fake bus firm page


FACEBOOK have shut down a fake page claiming to be run by one of Scotland’s biggest transport companies, after bosses complained it was posting “obscene” content.

Staff from FirstGroup had threatened to get lawyers involved after a parody Facebook account claiming to represent their bus division went viral.

The page – titled ‘First Buses’ – posted regular fake news updates about the company, including claiming that two men had been banned from their services after “buzzing adhesives” and that prams were prohibited from all their buses.

Their updates included images of several of FirstGroup’s 110,000 members staff, and innocent members of the public, with fabricated stories alongside them.

But despite the obviously outrageous content, many social media users were tricked into thinking the page was a genuine account.

Users often reacted with horror after messaging the page with queries about FirstGroup – which operate buses in several major Scottish cities – and receiving expletive-laden responses.

A post from a confused customer

But some users will be upset, after finding the content the page posted “top notch.”

Facebook confirmed five days ago that the page had been shut down because it infringed on their regulations.

One example of a conversation between the page and a customer occured when a bus-user asked: “Can you use student monthly bus passes on First and Arriva buses?”

The page replied: “F*** off I’m playing solitaire. Check the website you lazy cow.”

In one of its ‘news updates’, the page posted an image of two men along with the caption: “First Buses would like to announce with immeadiate effect the unconditional ban from all our services of [men’s names].

“This is in relation to an incident which took place yesterday evening on the number 6 service in Glasgow city centre.

Some users loved the account.

“The two men boarded, having enjoyed a day of buzzing various adhesives from a brown paper bag and posting selfies on Snapchat holding cans of Dragon Soop.”

Another post read: “Good evening loyal patrons. Please share this so that every council estate mum you know will know that as of December 1st, ALL buggies and prams will be banned from ALL services.

“Nobody likes having their journey ruined by a scratter with a snot nosed rat staring at you in the most unsettling manner whilst munching Quavers, while mummy just sits on her arse taking bus selfies.”

Other posts included one which showed an image of an attractive female, dubbed “Miss First Buses 2016” and another showing a picture of the “Red Maurader” – a driver who they claimed was going to tackle crime in Glasgow.

Users often reacted with shock after seeing posts on the page.

After reading the post about prams, Rebecca Muir replied: “Hoping the First Buses Facebook is unofficial. This is NOT acceptable.”

Jayne Callender tweeted the official First Glasgow Twitter account asking: “Hiya! Are you aware of this vile facebook page claiming to be First buses??”

Another user wrote: “Received a very distasteful response from the First Buses Facebook page, laden with foul language & filth! What’s going on?!”

But some users found the page very funny.

One Twitter user said: “That first buses Facebook page is top notch man.”

Another added: “When you go to bed early but still find yourself reading through the reviews on a satirical First Buses Facebook page.”

A spokesman for First Bus in Scotland said: “We are aware of a fake First Bus Facebook page which contains offensive and abusive content.

“We have asked Facebook to remove this page as soon as possible and will also be asking Facebook to take steps to ensure its author or authors are barred from publishing such obscene and offensive material in the future.”

Facebook confirmed that the page had now been removed.

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