“Oh no!” Supermarket’s horrified response to customer who found hair in milk


SUPERMARKET firm Morrisons replied “Oh no!” after a disgusted customer
posted pictures of the “hairy milk” she poured into her coffee.

Emma Louise, from Bury, Greater Manchester, initially thought the milk had gone off when she made her morning drink on Tuesday.

But she was revolted to discover the lumps in the milk were clumps of actual hair.
Emma took to Morrisons’ Facebook page to post pictures of the vile discovery and demand an explanation.

“Came to make my morning coffee and thought the milk had gone off because some lumps came out with the milk,” wrote Emma.


Emma narrowly avoided a hairy cup of coffee


She added: “Only to find it was three clumps of hair not gone off milk! Seriously dudes wtf?”

Her first picture shows the green carton of semi-skimmed milk – bearing the use by date January 13 – alongside her cup of coffee .

The other two photos show close-ups of the thick, yellow clumps of hair that had been swimming in the milk.

Morrisons replied on Facebook to say: “Oh no! So sorry about this Emma.

“Please PM me with the barcode along with your full postal address/More card number and contact number so I can get this looked into. Also confirm if you still have the product?”

Facebook users were quick to respond to the vile post.


It’s unknown where the clumps of hair came from


One wrote: “Oh my word. I wouldn’t be happy if I found hair/whatever it is in anything.”

One commented: “Happily I never find anything dodgy in the nut or soya milks I use.”

Whilst another claimed: “Did you know that dairy milk also contains pus and blood?”

A Morrisons spokesman said: “We’ve asked Emma Louise to bring the milk in so we can look into it. It’s impossible to say what this is until then.”

Emma Louise isn’t the only supermarket shopper to have made a revolting discovery in a product.

Last November, a Tesco shopper found a blue plaster inside a bread roll they had purchased from the store.

Lisa Notvarty had gone to make a roll for a friend when she spotted the plaster nestled inside the dough.

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