Terrifying road rager caught on two dashcams


THE terrifying moment a road rage driver jumps from his car to attack another motorist has been caught on dashcams from two different vehicles.
Daniel Lornie, 22, was following his friend, Steven Lumsden, along Dunkeld Road in Perth when he was tailgated by another driver.

The erratic driver, who was in a silver Volkswagen Polo, was so close to Daniel’s rear bumper that he couldn’t see his headlights or number plate and had almost lost control at a roundabout before running a red light.


The angry motorist jumped out his car to remonstrate with Steven


The Polo driver eventually passed as they approached a roundabout, however, his sudden braking caused Daniels’ friend, Steven, to skid into the back of him in the wet conditions.

The irate driver then got out from his car to confront Steven, who had his girlfriend in the car, punching the windows and trying to open the door.

Fortunately, nobody was harmed in the incident although Daniel admits he and his friend were “really intimidated.”

Both Daniel and Steven recorded the scary incident, which took place on Monday January 2 at around 9.30pm, thanks to their dashcam footage.

Daniel’s video shows the moment the Polo cuts across him before stopping abruptly before they reach a roundabout.

Daniel flashes his friend over to get in the correct lane, however, Steven’s car skids into the back of the Polo.



The angry Polo driver then gets out of car before angrily swinging his arms and shouting at Steven whilst hitting his car’s windows.

After 16 heart-stopping seconds, the driver eventually returns to his car and drives off, not before shouting once more at him through the windscreen.

Steven’s camera captures his friend being tailgated before the dramatic moment his own car uncontrollably slides into the back of the Polo.

His recording doesn’t capture the altercation as well, however, the frightening moment when the Polo driver leaps from his car and slams the door shut behind him is caught in detail.

His video also captures the incensed motorist as he gets back into his car and fires an angry stare back towards Steven and his girlfriend.

Daniel admits he and his friend were fortunate to emerge from the incident unscathed.

He said: “Me and my friend were on our way to his girlfriend’s house. We were going through the centre of Perth and noticed this car was coming right up behind me and I felt really intimidated.

“He ran a red light at speed and almost lost control at a roundabout and was then right up at my back bumper I couldn’t see his headlights or number plate, that’s how close he was.

“I sped up to try and get away which was the wrong thing but I was really, really intimidated. He could kill someone driving like that.”

He continued: “The roads were really breezy and wet and as you can see I braked and he decided to pull over in front of my friend.

“Obviously I slowed down and flashed my friend into the lane but he skidded into the back of the other car. When the car brakes you can see he starts to open his car door.

“He got out his car and tried to get into my friend’s. He was punching the car windows and seemed to be on something.”

A police spokeswoman said: “Police Scotland received a report of a road traffic collision involving a Volkswagen Polo and a Black Skoda Fabia at about 10.15pm on January 2.

“There were no injuries and enquiries were made regarding the incident.”

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