Calvin Harris – I autotuned every track I made


CALVIN Harris has admitted that he has autotuned every single track he has ever made.

The Scottish DJ, who sings lead vocals on several of his hits, surprised fans with the admission on Twitter this morning (Mon).

The statement encompasses tracks where Harris sings, such as 2014 hit ‘Summer’, and those he has produced featuring guest vocalists, such as 2009’s ‘Ready for the Weekend.’

He made the revelation after a fan praised his “natural” voice.

Replying to one Twitter user, who asked what he was doing today, Harris said: “Today I autotuned.”

Another Twitter user, known as Alex Gamboa then said: “I’m quite disappointed to be honest as a day-one fan. Are we gonna hear more of your voice on the next album?”

Harris asked “Why are you disappointed?”

Gamboa then said: “I think your natural voice is good, you don’t need to sound like a robot!”

But Harris then hit back and said: “Nah I’ve tuned everything I’ve ever made. Anyway it wasn’t me this time.”

Autotune was invented to hide off-key vocals by adjusting the pitch of notes. In 2010, X Factor bosses admitted using autotune to improve contestants’ vocals.

Several Harris fans questioned whether autotune really improved a record.

Kevin Lloyd wrote: “If it’s “auto tuned” then can you really say “you” did that today?”

Whilst Gamboa wrote: “Whenever I hear “auto-tune” I automatically think old school T-Pain and Rebecca Black.”

Even Harris himself has criticised the use of autotune in the past.

Writing in 2009, Harris said: “All these heavy autotune songs are starting to get on my t*** now. T-Pain has soul, most of the rest sound like cyborgs singing.”

But other users began to argue that there was a huge difference between subtle and heavy use of autotuning.

A user known as Roy said: “Well autotune doesn’t always mean correction of voice. It can be used for many effects too.

“I know many stars like Britney and Seleja still use it but they’ve minimised it too.”

Harris currently plans to release new material this year, after the success of 2016 tune ‘My Way’.

Tropical house track My Way, released in September, features Harris on vocals, and reached number four in the UK Singles Chart.

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