Tesco probe customer’s claim she was scalded by explosing Pyrex dish


A TESCO customer has shared a picture of the scalding she suffered which she claims was caused by a Pyrex dish exploding.

Natacha Flamand from Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, was left with scalds over her face and neck after using the dish she bought from the supermarket in her microwave.

Despite the label saying it was microwaveable, Natacha claims it had only been in for a minute before exploding when she took it out.

She claims shards of glass sprayed across her kitchen but luckily didn’t hit her or her three-year-old daughter who was in the living room eating her lunch.


Natacha was left with scalds to her neck and chest


There have been numerous claims of Pyrex dishes exploding on the internet which some believe is caused by the rapid heating and then cooling of the product. Tesco said today they would be taking up Natacha’s claims with the firm.

On Tesco’s website, they sell over 180 Pyrex products, however the one thought to have exploded is the ‘Pyrex Classic 2L Mixing Bowl’, which sells for £2.95 online.

In a post on Tesco’s Facebook page yesterday (TUE), Natacha shared a picture of her injuries and wrote: “Thought I had already posted this. A Pyrex bowl I purchased from one of your stores exploded on me today.

“The label says microwaveable. I think not. I’m now left with scalds all over my chest and neck from it exploding in my hands after being in the microwave for one minute.

“Luckily it’s just scalds and not cuts from the shards of glass that flew all over my kitchen.”

The photo shows Natacha’s neck and chest covered in red blotches and marks which she claims are caused by the exploding dish.

Tesco responded to her message to say: “Hi Natacha, I’m really sorry for the delay in my response and also for the harm that had been caused to you by this dish.


Most of the dish was sprayed across the kitchen however, Natacha collected some of the larger shards


“I’ve fully responded to your private message and look forward to your reply.”

Natacha responded to the message to say: “Looking at posts on the page being replied to after I have messaged and posted on your page, clearly someone suffering scalds from a product Tesco stocks isn’t as important as a mouldy biscuit.

“Can you actually believe they’re offering me a replacement or refund for the price of the bowl, £3 after this happening to me? Absolutely shocking customer service in my eyes. I find their response laughable.”

Other Facebook users were quick to share their similar experiences.

One wrote: “I’ve had that experience also. Ruined a whole pan of homemade soup. Never seen so many shards of glass, you’d think a window had been blown in.

Natacha replied to say: “It gives you such a fright when it happens. Thankfully my three year old was in the other room eating her lunch literally seconds before this happened.”

Another user commented: “That’s terrible, are you okay? Take that a lot further.”

Whilst another added: “Awful! Hope you are okay.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “We were concerned to hear about this incident.
“We have offered the customer a refund and will be asking the manufacturer Pyrex how this could have happened.”

The internet is awash with claims of Pyrex dishes exploding in kitchens when people remove them from their microwaves or ovens.

It is thought to be caused when the product changes temperature rapidly, known as ‘thermal shock.’

One user on an online forum reports how his Pyrex bowl exploded into many small pieces after one minute when using it to cook chicken whilst another explains how theirs shattered all over their kitchen worktop after they removed it from their oven.

Natacha said today: “I was microwaving some frozen vegetables for my lunch and it just exploded in my hand and shattered all over the kitchen.

“The dish wasn’t even hot. I was able to take it out comfortably with my bare hands. But the vegetables and water they were in went into my face and I am still picking veg off the ceiling.

“I went to the doctor and they asked me how sore I was out of ten. I said ‘seven’. All I can do is wait until the blisters pop.”

She added: “Luckily my daughter, Myah, had just toddled through to the living room to eat her lunch otherwise the glass could have covered her.

“I’ve asked Tesco what really needs to be investigated and suggested they stop selling the product because I don’t want it to happen to someone else.

“It’s stopped me from going to work this week and taking my children to school amongst other things that I usually do on a daily basis.

Natacha also shared the response Pyrex provided her when she told them how one of the 0.5L dishes had exploded on her.

They told her: “We’re extremely sorry to see that you have had an accident.

“We hope that you get better very soon. If you would like us to investigate the product, please email [email protected] and our care team will look into this for you.”

A spokeswoman for Pyrex said: “We’re very sorry to hear about Natacha’s experience and have been in direct contact with her.

“We take all complaints seriously and will be working closely with Tesco to investigate further.

“This is a highly unusual situation as Pyrex branded glass mixing bowls sold by UK retailers/distributors have a thermal shock resistance of 220°C and are made only from tempered borosilicate glass, not tempered soda lime glass.”