“Stealth” poodle uses camo to avoid walkies


A CUNNING “stealth” poodle is using camouflage to avoid walkies.

Ruby seems to have worked out that she becomes almost invisible when she lies on top of a new bed throw.

The only downside of the strategy for the eight-year-old poodle is that her owners occasionally sit on her by mistake.

Only Ruby’s white muzzle gives the game away in this shot

Erin Wardlaw, a nursing student from near Inverness, took amazing snaps of the pooch in “stealth” mode on the brown throw.

The images show how the dog’s fur and the texture and colour of the blanket are almost identical. Only Ruby’s white muzzle comes close to giving the game away.

Ruby lives at her boyfriend’s parents’ home in Gorthleck, 19 miles south of the Highland capital.

Ruby outdoors and without camo

Erin, 21, said: “She often sleeps on the bed on top of that blanket. We only just got it before Christmas so we all found it quite funny that she blended in.

“So well in fact, when the other dogs are told to go outside, she usually hides there because we don’t even notice.”

“That is difficult when you go to sit on the bed you end up sitting on her. You get a wee yelp from her and the thing is it keeps happening.”

Erin said her boyfriend, Luke Burgess, 21, has five miniature poodles at home but Ruby is the only one to have discovered camouflage.

Erin and Luke

She said: “Often when you do see her she looks more like a cuddly bear than a wee dog.”

Last year another dog went viral when her owner posted a photo on image sharing site Imgur, prompting over 1.1 million views.

The image started a heated debate over whether there was a dog in the picture at all after she blended in so well with the owners furniture.

However, it slowly becomes clear that the clue is in the headboard and that two beady eyes and a greying muzzle are hovering against the black background.

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