Chainsaw toilet paper cutting machine among pointless inventions in hilarious video

A JOKER has produced a hilarious video showcasing his deliberately useless inventions.
The Useless Duck Company, run by Micheal Nichols from Toronto, Canada, produces inspired but practically useless gadgets and machines.
The 32-year-old’s creations include a “wireless baby crib” which uses a phone app to trigger a high-speed piston, a “sock removal robot” which causes horrific injuries,  and a “toilet paper machine” which features a chainsaw.
Also in the video is a salad tossing robot, a device to take the effort out of pumping up tyres, and a gadget to euthanase pesky PCs suffering from the “blue screen of death”.
Mr Nichols said he tries to invent products which might help people.
He said: “I try to invent things that help people. In the end they always get the job done, the toilet paper machine cuts toilet paper, the wireless crib quiets the baby, and the salad gets tossed!
“I am inspired by inventors that I see online and on television, I like the concept of taking an idea and making it a reality.
“My favorite invention is the toilet paper machine. I like it as it mixes convenience with ease of use.
“The salad tossing machine was actually a request from a fan, he wanted me to make a robot that tosses my salad. “
Michael Nichols has produced a hilarious video showcasing his deliberately useless inventions.
With over 56,000 subscribers to his Youtube channel and almost 300,000 on his most popular video, the channel has attracted a worldwide following.
The ambitious project manager at a software startup has said his future projects are “super top secret”.
He said: “All of my future plans are super top secret, I have to protect the company!”
Toilet Paper Machine.
Some of the comments on his Toilet Machine video praise the inventors idea and pointed out potential flaws.
Habacuque Boy said: “Cool! now everybody i the house will know when i am pooping”
Wilson Lin commented: “This machine seems so handy! How much can i buy it for?”
RussL said: “well looks like it works, and looks 100% safe”
GDultimatebeast said: “Wow that escalated quickly”
deweywsu replied: “Absolutely brilliant.  I love how the saw keeps going into the wall for a bit, just to make sure you’re getting a clean cut.”