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Elder Home Care: An Alternative to a Traditional Scottish Care Home


Elder Home Care: An Alternative to a Traditional Scottish Care Home

As our parents or grandparents grow older, it may become more of a struggle to provide the level of care they deserve every day. Unfortunately, a time may come when an elderly person can no longer care for themselves, or when you can no longer be there for them as much as you would like.

Many people believe they have no alternative but to place a loved one into a care home, so their loved one can receive around the clock support for their lack of mobility or health condition, such as dementia. It’s a difficult, often emotionally challenging decision to move a parent or grandparent to a care facility, as they will most likely have lived in their home for many years.


A Unique Live-in Solution

You may, however, be pleased to learn that you might not have to move your relative out of their home to provide exceptional care. One of the UK’s leading home care providers, Elder, can ensure a live-in carer is on your relative’s door within 24 hours of your phone call or online form. The care professional will live in your relative’s spare room, and will allow a relative to enjoy a daily routine, whilst ensuring he or she is safe, happy and healthy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Care homes are staffed with compassionate carers, but they must provide care for a broad range of residents. However, your relative will be a live-in carer’s sole focus, so they can provide an improved level of care and support every day. Family members may also feel comforted knowing each carer has received a full DBS background check.

The carer will take full control of your relative’s health, managing their daily medications, medical appointments and prescriptions. In addition, a carer will perform light housework duties and prepare meals, so your loved one can relax in the familiar surroundings, which could help a person living with dementia avoid further confusion.

A Unique Friendship

Unfortunately, many elderly people across Scotland are experiencing loneliness every day.  Unlike other live-in care providers or care homes, Elder matches a carer to a care recipient’s personality and interests, which means they can enjoy hours of conversation and activities together, from knitting to watching their favourite movies. This will ensure the carer and your family member can enjoy some companionship, which can add to their quality of life. You can therefore go to work, care for your children and perform daily tasks, relaxed in the knowledge a hard-working, compassionate professional is caring for your relative.

Nothing is more important than family, so it is vital you make an informed decision on the right care option for your relative, whether it be to move them to a comfortable care facility or to opt for a dedicated home care service. Discuss your options with other family members or professional care provider to identify the best care solution.

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