Gravity-defying Irn-Bru cake praised as “work of art”


AN incredible “Irn-Bru cake” which features orange buttercream spouting out of a can has been branded a “fabulous work of art” by social media users.

The cake is topped with icing flavoured like the popular Scottish soft drink, which is made to appear as if it is flowing from an Irn-Bru can, inches above.

Created by East Dumbartonshire baker Alex Kidd, the cake is essentially a lemon sponge, but is covered in bru coloured fondant.

Swiss meringue buttercream inside the cake is also Irn-Bru flavoured, whilst Alex managed to create the pouring structure using a dowel peg

The cake designer, who produces her goods at Milngavie based bakery, For Cakes Sake, has also made cakes shaped like bagpipes, and football stadiums in the past, and is planning to create a Buckfast based delicacy in the future.

Speaking about the Irn-Bru cake, Alex said: “It’s a basic lemon sponge with eggs, sugar, butter, margarine, flour, lemon juice and zest but the outside is decorated with fondant icing which I hand painted the colour of Irn-Bru.”

“I also painted the white parts to look like it was fizzing and I used a dowel for the basic structure to hold the can up.

“The Swiss meringue buttercream inside the cake – it’s four layers of cake, three layers of buttercream – is actually Irn-Bru flavour which I made myself.”

Social media users immeadiately fell in love with the cake once it was posted online, on For Cakes Sakes’ Facebook page.

Karen Weir wrote: “What a fabulous work of art.”

Irene Fisher said: “Wow you got that bru colour perfect.”

Helen McNellan simply added: “That is amazing”.

Alex’s Bagpipes cake is a vanilla sponge with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream, and the pipes as well as the main body are edible.

The Buckfast cake which she is planning at the moment, will contain actual Buckfast and flavoured buttercream.

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