Clever car enthusiast turns VW Polo into “mini-me” trailer


AN inventive car enthuasist created a brilliant “mini-me” trailer for his VW Polo.

Ross Keir took a clapped-out model of the same car, chopped it in half, and converted the back end in to a handy load-carrier.

The head-turning trailer has exactly the same paint job and even sports a matching set of alloy wheels.

AN inventive car enthuasist created a brilliant “mini-me” trailer for his VW Polo.

Ross, 33, had the idea when he was given a “donor” VW Polo for spares by a friend.

The construction worker from Crieff, Perthshire, took just a month and £300 to create his single-axle enclosed camping trailer. Brand new, a conventional trailer would have cost him around £800.

The donor car before being chopped

According to Ross the most difficult part of the build was welding on the front panel, which he tried to make as flat as possible.

He said: “After some planning I set about cutting and welding and soon had it ready for paint.

“It took about one month and I think the hardest part was getting the metal front on it and trying to make it look flat and smooth.”

Before being painted in a matching gloss white

The bizarre build, which has been taken around the country on camping trips by Ross has attracted a lot of attention.

He added: “When I go to shows people love it, they say it’s a great idea for taking all of our camping stuff.

“When on the motorway people pull alongside waving and smiling, so it’s nice to know it makes people happy.”

The finished project

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