Crazy moment driver overtakes three cars AND keep left sign doing 70mph in 40mph road


DISTURBING footage shows the moment a “braindead” driver overtakes three cars at 70mph – in a 40mph residential street.

The idiot in a Mini even passes a “keep left” sign on the right hand side of the road, which is wet from the rain.

The scene occured on Bury Road, in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, where another speeder was caught on camera last week forcing a car off the road which then crashed into an Audi leaving its owner’s drive..

At the start of the clip, the driver in the dash cam vehicle can be seen travelling at 41mph, according to his head-up display, whilst a white car is 30 metres in front.

Five seconds into the video, a blue Mini Cooper appears on the right-hand side of the road, travelling in the same direction as the dash cam vehicle.

It overtakes the car filming the footage, and within a second, has also overtaken the car in front.

The start of the overtake

Incredibly, after passing both cars, the Mini continues on the right-hand side of the road and goes on to accelerate past a keep left-traffic island and another vehicle.

Pavements and homes are just a few feet away from the car as it speeds out of sight.

Clearly in shock, all the vehicles on the road appear to slow down to around 35mph as the driver speeds ahead, appearing to move back on to the correct side of the road.

Local man Dave Roylance uploaded the footage to Youtube on Sunday evening, with the caption: “Braindead Mini Driver Bury Road, Bamford, Rochdale.”

He added: “Tosser passing three cars approaching a T juction on left and going wrong side of the keep left island in a 40mph zone.”

Dave explained that this kind of incident was frequent on the road.

He said: “The driver’s speed was around 60mph as he passed me but then he accelerated and went out of sight, so he’s easily over 70mph.

“He makes no attempt to brake as he approaches the War Office Road junction which is a notorious black spot.

“I walk my dog everyday here and speeds are just crazy, there was a bad crash last week and a young lad lost his life on the same road the year before

“Installation of average speed cameras would help, but no matter how much us locals complain nothing gets done.”

Last week on the same road, shocking footage captured the moment a speeding car shunted another vehicle off the road and into the side of an Audi leaving its driveway.

Greater Manchester Police said the incident on Sunday had not been recorded on their log.

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